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PRK induced Dry eyes 6 months in

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  • PRK induced Dry eyes 6 months in

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I guess I should start at the beginning...The year was 1993... No I'm only kidding, not that far back.

    I decided to get laser eye surgery after years of nervousness. I opted for intralase sbk in both eyes. I was a candidate for intralase or PRK but I opted for intralase because I have always had problems with dry eyes. I was very nearsighted. My prescription for contacts was around -6.50 in both eyes. This was September 2016 (9 months ago as I'm writing this). The surgery was pretty standard as far as everyone describes. A few days after the surgery my right eye had nearly perfect 20/20 vision. My left eye had around 20/100 or 20/200 (can't remember, just know it was awful). I went back for a checkup and it was found I had a flap wrinkle (striae) in my left eye. At the 1 week mark since my surgery I had another surgery to lift the flap and attempt to flatten it (thus eliminating the wrinkle). Sadly this didn't work.

    After 3 long months of awful vision I was back in the operating chair for a round of PRK on my left eye. I had purposely tried not to have PRK because I was worried it would make my mild dry eye problem I've had my whole life into a bigger problem.... Regardless my choices were limited so I went forward. This was December 2016 (6 months ago).

    For the first few weeks after the surgery I had a few issues in the night with my eye sticking to my eyelid (painfully) and causing my already poor vision to loose any progress that it had acheived in healing. Frustrated I went back to my laser clinic multiple times and I was finally told to try MURO 128 cream. Well this stuff was magic. I had immediate results. I used this cream every night and had no major dry eye issues in the night. I had the occasional issue with my eye but it was very mild and my vision wasn't adversely effected. Within a week of using MURO 128 I had great vision. Somewhere around 20/40. Not as good as my right eye but I was a lot better off then my botched intralase surgery.

    Fast forward to 3 days ago. I had an awful issue in the night (even though I've continued to use the MURO 128). My eye stuck to my lid and started to water badly. The pain was intense and my eyesight went back to the sight I had immediately after my surgery. 3 days later and no improvement and a lot of discomfort during the day. My vision is awful again. I feel like I've taken a step back in my recovery... a 6 month step. I've been back to see the clinic and been given a contact lens to wear as a bandage (as my eye is very inflamed). I've also been given some steroid drops. I feel very defeated at the moment. I hope to keep updating this blog with eventual good results. I also hope someone thinking of getting this surgery reads my post first and it gives them pause. I've struggled for 9 months now, I can say even if i get decent vision back that it wasn't worth it. I live with the fear every night I go to bed I'm going to wake up in extreme pain and my eyesight is going to be worse off then before I went to bed.

    Regardless I have not given up, I've just ordered some eyeseals 4.0 to attempt to sleep in. I also got a humidifier Im going to run while I sleep. I already take omega3 fish oils and haven't seen results yet obviously. I will continue to use the Muro 128 (after I remove this bandage contact lens in a few days). Fingers crossed.

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    Hi, if you suffer night pain, maybe the followings would help you:
    1) when sleep: ointment/gel before bed +(swimming google)
    2) morning & before bedtime: wash eyes with (running) warm water 5-10 times, warm compress, massage. lid scrubs --to remove bacteria, dirts etc.

    I used to have such problems for some years but not any more.

    if you have MGD, you need oil-based drops.
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      Thanks MDG1701 for the reply.

      I just finished wearing he laser clinics few days worth of contacts as a bandage. I was supposed to sleep in the conacts but the first night i woke up with an Erosion. I threw that contact away and went to bed with my MURO 128 ointment. I then upon waking installed a new contact lens. I was having some improvement. Sadly today my first day with no contact I'm back to extreme dryness and pain. My vision has gone backwards. I picked up some MURO eye drops thinking this may help as the ointment does me very good. Unfortunately the drops dry my eyes substantially... not to mention the unpleasant burning they cause.

      So I'm back to being scared and in pain. My Vision is awful in my left eye. I await my regular optometrists opinion on Thursday...


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        Hi Justin. Sorry to hear about all you've been going through. I just posted this info on scleral lenses on another person's PRK thread in this forum, and am posting it here for you in case you didn't see it:

        Have you looked into scleral lenses to help with the pain? Many people with post-LASIK and other eye surgery problems have gotten relief from sclerals. Not everyone can tolerate them, and it does not address the cause of the problem, but if you can wear them them, it can provide immediate comfort. I wear mines 12+ hours a day and it's helps a lot, however my condition is from a different cause. Here's a good general description of sclerals for Boston PROSE sclerals and the conditions it treats...there are several different brands, but this is the one I use and have been very happy with the lenses and expertise of my Boston practitioner (the expertise of the practioner in fitting sclerals is key):


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          Thanks Hokucat. I'm going to do some research into these lenses. Very interesting.


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            So thought i'd post an update. Its been a few more weeks since my last dry eye in the night major issue. My eyes are still getting dry in the night, I wake up every 2 hours to apply more lubricant to my left eye, but I have not had enough RCE. I switched to lacrilube about a week ago (was feeling like muro128 was actually drying my eye out worse). I am also using the eyeseals 4.0 religiously every night. I haven't had any RCE despite sleeping with the ac on (summers starting). I feel this success is due to my eyeseals. They are a godsend. I just got back from 5 days in vegas. My eyes were very dry there but I survived using my dry eye sunglasses. I even wore them at night. Seemed to work. So yes I'm hopeful. My vision is not perfect. It probably will never be perfect without glasses. But as long as I can avoid a RCE event then maybe I will have good enough vision to get by.

            I saw my regular eye doctor last week and he was hopeful switching to lacrilube would be a big help... I've also started flushing my eye a few times a day with saline. That seems to help as well.


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              Hi Justin. Am glad you found some things that help keep the RCE away. And in Vegas, that's the real test, totally dry over there!

              In case you were not aware, there are eye shields that you can order clear, some you can put prescription lenses in. Several people like Wiley X and 7Eye. There's a lot available here in the Dry Eye Shop:



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                Hey Hokucat. Yes I'm aware. I used the tinted eyehseilds. They got me through Vegas alive. I'm considering getting some clear ones as well. Or some possibly with a prescription in them. Just waiting to see if my eyes every stabilize or not.

                I'm hopeful for the future for the first time since my initial surgery almost 10 months ago !


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                  Well I thought I had the RCE under control. Had an issue last thursday (I figure it has been about 6 weeks since my last RCE). I woke up to my alarm and my eyes automatically moved around (eyes closed). This gave my left eye a mild RCE. My vision was only effected a little for a few days and the pain was a 3 out of 10 when it happened. No rhyme or reason as to why this occurred. When I did open my eye I could see the lacrilube still in my eye....I had my eyeseal goggles on...

                  Pretty discouraging having this happen again. I am a little positive though because it was only minor. Also my daily dry eye is a lot better. I've been flushing my eye with saline at my eye doctors request and this seems to help, I do this 4 times a day. Also I've started wearing blue light blocking glasses in front of the tv at night, this has helped immensely.

                  Fingers crossed I can control this RCE at night.

                  Also I am now on my second set of eyeseals 4.0. The rubber started to badly curl up for my left eye (problem eye). I'm assuming this is due to the lubrication I put in my eye every night (was muro128 now lacrilube). Has anyone else had this happen? I'd rather not buy a new set every month!