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  • Any ideas?

    My eyelids are irritated when I blink and I have pain in my inside corner of my left eye that comes and goes and is very pain full. My eyes do not look red or have any visual sign of problems but they are itchy and my eyelids burn, feel swollen and are irritated every blink. I can keep my eyes open for a long time and they do not burn, it is only when I blink and my eyelids touch that I have pain. My eye Doctor said that I have Blepharitis and ocular rosacea so some of this makes sense but would a dermatologist be able to help me more? It is giving me anxiety big time..

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    I am no doctor but maybe since its itching it may be an allergy of some kind? Have you tried Pataday? maybe get allergy tested, it sounds like MGD...


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