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My MGD/blepharitis

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  • My MGD/blepharitis


    I'm from Poland.

    I'm 20 years old and i have problem with my eyes. My doctor said me that i have blepharitis and i think that i have posterior blepharitis (MGD). I make warm compress and clean my eyes with liquid blephasol.

    My right eye is better than left . In left eye i saw small pimples on the eyelid edges. I don't use fish/flaxseed oil supplements . I always wake up with mucus in my eyes.

    After warm compress once is better but sometimes is worse... I'm worried about my left eye because pimples on the eyelid edges irritate my left eye ... My left eye burns me when i close them and i have always mucus in left eye ( seeing through the fog ...)

    Should I do more often warm compresses on my eyes ?

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    Welcome to the forum! You are not alone, I am a 25 year old Canadian female with the same problem. My lids actually look like yours. I do compresses once a day, but clean my eyes a few times a day, as they get really oily. Look around the forum for ideas on how to treat/what to ask your doctor about. You have a lot of options. Good news is to me, they don't look to servere. Are you in a lot of pain? Do you know of any triggers? How many times a day do you use drops?


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      I don't use any drops. Artificial tears don't work for me because my eyes produce enough tears.
      I used azasite drops but they irritated my eyes . I use merely warm compress ( once a day) and clean my eyelid edges blephasol.

      My eyes sometimes burn me since I have a pimples in edge of the eyelids.


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