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Those Days where you would do anything to never feel like this again

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  • Those Days where you would do anything to never feel like this again

    I ended up flaring New Yearís Eve pretty bad. Iím still battling it. Anyone have any advice or words of encouragement? I could use some ATM. Right now Iím thinking I would do anything for a cure, just tell me what is (sad face)

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    Faith1989 so sorry to hear you had a bad flare up. I went to a wedding last week and eyes were pretty poor for a few days after it - I know itís so disheartening and I felt pretty crap last week too. Sometimes i feel that I am making progress and then get a set back. I know at times like this itís hard to stay positive! I try to keep myself busy I find getting out for a long walk helps or meeting a friend for a chat. Try not to dwell too much on it as you can get stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts! It will get easier and you will find a way to get on top of it - it wonít always be like this. Stay positive.


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      Hi Faith

      Sorry to hear it. Stay positive, you just need a real expert to identify problems with solutions. How about

      1) find a top expert in USA - if you can not find one in Canada. I know some doctors in USA are more specialized in dealing with complex cases, for example, Dr Laura Periman, MD, Seattle who also has dry eye. She publishes several articles including comestic/make-up issues. The problem might be hard to get an appointment.

      2) debridement: you once mentioned your glands are ''capped''. I have found this video.
      Debridement of a "capped" meibomian gland

      3) HOCL spray
      Do you find Ocusoft help? Not all spray with HOCL are the same, some contain sodium hypochlorite which are ''cytotoxic''/ineffective based on my experience/research.

      4) GLA + omega 3: such combintation works more effective - several reports on this. I have tried it and it helps thin my oil. It also helps with inflammation, tear production. take them with food x2-3/day is better than once a day. Not all omega 3 supplements are the same, most doctors (like okhuskerfan's) in USA recommend PRN and HydroEye (with GLA?). I take bio, cold pressed flaxseed.
      doxy: helps but has side-effects - maybe healthy diet/nature food better??

      5) make-up: many comestics expecially eye make-ups/removers, water-proof products are bad for eyes. If you often wear them, maybe debridement help too (to clean lids). Dr Periman and Dr Leslie OíDell wrote several articles on this issue.

      6) TrueTear, the 1st Intranasal Neurostimulating Device Proven to Temporarily Increase Tear Production
      (actually for all layers, what I have read!).

      7) demodex: since you have rosacea, good to use tea tree oil.
      I beleive the effective/safe lid hygiene: pure HOCL + tea tree oil (soap-free products)

      8) have you checked your Vit. D, A, iron, liver function??

      9) seed cycling
      Have you heard that a combination of different seeds could improve hormone balance?
      More info, please search or consult doctor. Black sesame is great for women.

      Hopefully these help you find more relief! You can make it!!
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        Have you ever tried a more alkaline diet? Less meat? Iíve read meat is quite acidic and acidity can cause inflammation so maybe cutting down on meat could help?!


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          Thank you to everyone that replied. I am looking into Bleph Ex but would have to travel. I wonder if itís worth it or not?

          I use a HCOL cleanser in the morning and Cliradex at night.
          I am thinking of seeing a naturopath for hormonal balancing herbs? It seems to only flare around my period time. Am buying GLA today


          Yes I was actually thinking maybe I should cut down on meat and eat more veggies. Maybe all the hormones in the meat are making things worse?


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            Yeh....what type of meat are you eating? Do you only eat grass fed meats and free range chicken etc or just regular meat? I have been buying my meat from a farm that raises only grass fed animals, I also bought bones from this farm to make bone broth which is meant to be very good for the gut. I am going to be very fussy when I eat meat that itís from a good source.

            Maybe more ore plants less meat is the way to go. This quote seems pretty popular Ďeat food,not too much, mostly plantsí


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              Hi Faith,
              You are quick. I am sure GLA would help you too.

              Meat: I suspect the hormones in the meat too - there are reasons for that.

              BlephEx: Purpose? demodex?
              If for capped glands and you always wear eye make-up, maybe debridement would be more effective.

              Doctor: If I were you, I prefer to find a very knowledgeable doctor so I can solve ALL problems.

              naturopath for hormonal balancing herbs: why not? DId you test your hormone levels?


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                So I am going to really try to eat less meat while still not eating a lot of carbs. I have tested my hormone levels which all showed in the normal range but low for someone my age. I am 100 percent sure lots of my issues stem from hormones as I flare at the same time each month before my period and it kills. I am really hoping the lower meat higher fruits and veggies help. MGD1701, what do you think of that? Continuing with the HCOL cleanser in the morning and TTO at night. I try not to wear a lot of makeup but work in the beauty industry so I have to wear some. I started a really high quality GLA in addition to the fish oil twice a day.


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                  Hi Faith

                  HOCL: I only know PURE HOCL, like Avenova and Heyedrate is more effective/safe based on my research/experiments. I can not get them but still searched and found an alternative, NatraSan spray, made in UK - pure HOCL too. Maybe you could find Heyedrate/Natrasan, or alternatives too. If we try and dont give up, we might find something - this is how I have found NatraSan, after trying 2 others.

                  Lid hygiene
                  I spray NatraSan into closed eyes when wake up.

                  TTO wipes: some doctors recommend the following as they work better - have you heard of these?:
                  1) after wipe eyes, then wipe eyebrows then nose, face - seems there are studies to show this is more effective.
                  2) lay wipes on top of closed eyes for some minutes, then do 1)

                  My own invention/strategy is: apply at least 5% tea tree oi + jojoba oil around eyes from eyebrows, keep at least 1-2cm, each night - to block demodex. Even demodex are inside, they will die in 3 weeks or so anyway but at least I make sure NO NEW demodex.

                  make up: good to avoid water-proof, eye liner/extension (glue is the problem) etc. Moisture, cleanser, sunblock, removers also contain bad chemicals - best is to keep 1cm distance from eyes.
                  ''Use coconut oil is gentle, natural and effective for removing eye makeup. Just put a bit on a cotton swab and wipe.'' this is recomendation either from Dr Periman or Dr Leslie OíDell or both.---some doctors also recommend to use coconut oil to remove debris.

                  omega 3, GLA: Generally speaking, if you have tried fish oil more than 2 months and no improvement, good to increase dose or switch brands. Combine them with food (especially Vit. E, C - such as nuts, avocado, kiwi, orange, lemon) generate better results.

                  Meat: Great you plan to reduce. Just some months ago I read an article about bio meat (beef?) in USA (California?). People found out they were NOT really bio so now they have new laws that suppliers need to list more/all info. For iron, which is important for women, you can get it from (bio) goji berry which has higher iron than beef + good for controlling the inflammation.

                  Best is to find a real expert who has sufficient knowledge and wants to work with you together.
                  Normally we could gain better results, if we are positive, agree?
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                    you want cure? Ok do this:
                    -COD liver oil by Rosita 1 teaspoon a day.
                    -nutritional yeast 1 tablespoon
                    -check your vitamin D, if low, take 5000UI through the day with K2 and magnesium glycinate 4 capsules
                    -camu camu powder for vitamin c, take 2 teaspoons through the day
                    other things: coconut oil, vinegar, honey

                    -autologuous serum 50%, 1 drop in each eye every hour

                    every day eat this:
                    chicken or red meat 200g, lamb liver very often or goose
                    potato 800g
                    hard cheese 100g
                    almonds 50g, indian & brazillian nuts 50g
                    sardines 100g
                    flaxseed 30g with home made kefir 400g (IT MUST BE HOME MADE because it is
                    10x times stronger then any supplement, look it up how to make it) and garlic

                    +fruit and other vegetable in the amount you can afford

                    Get yourself E-ink monitor from DASUNG.

                    I got from 1/10 to 7/10 in 1 year doing only this and I am getting better each month.
                    I have no special lid hygiene, I only clean my eyes with cotton cloth in the morning which I use 1 time and then wash.
                    Don't even think about eyes and not even using that serum nor any other eye drops.
                    Now I know you probably won't do this but I had to try.
                    Your welcome.