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    Hi all, I'm new here. I hope to read more stories from people with dry eye...this dry eye came on pretty suddenly for me. I'm 25 yrs old, female and started getting dry eye last summer (2013). It came on pretty fast and I thought it was the meds I took but my eyes got worse as each month passed. It was so bad that I was throwing water in my eyes and nothing would make them stop hurting. They felt super scratchy and gritty and my eye doctor misdiagnosed me with allergies. About 5 months later I was put on Restasis which helped a little but my eyes have never felt normal like they were before. :/ Man, you really miss some things when you notice when they're gone!!! I had no idea eyes could get dry like this....well anyway, 2 months later the Restasis wasn't working so I knew something was wrong. Then I started to get dry mouth and dry skin which was weird because I've had oily skin my whole life. I researched the symptoms and found they sounded like Sjogren's syndrome so I went and got tested for it. My blood test came back yesterday saying I turned out positive for it but they want additional bloodwork. :{ If it's 100% I have Sjogren's I'm going to check out that other part of the, I just don't want them to burn again (I didn't know eyes can burn from dryness agggh) So yeah, this dry eye stuff has been pretty crappy, I feel a lot of sympathy for people going through it.

    Something that has helped A LOT is an eye drop I buy at the store called Similasan dry eye drops. I have no idea if they're good for me or not but I'd rather spend $6 to keep hydrated throughout the day than throw my money away on more expensive drops. I keep my eye drops in the fridge to chill them and they feel better when I use them. They don't feel harsh or drying so they've worked so far

    I've had one particularly bad experience with my eyes: I was wiping makeup off of my face when I got some of the remover in my eye. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG did it feel BAD. It was like I had never taken any Restasis or eye drops ever and it was back to square one :{ It burned so much (from the dryness)!!

    Anyway, I feel I won't be able to use eyeliner again Thanks to anyone who reads this. Restasis hasn't healed my eyes 100% (maybe more like halfway?) :/ This has all happened in like 6-7 months and it's pretty uncomfortable.

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    So it sounds like you have Sjogrens? If that is the case you may be a good candidate for Boston Prose lenses. It's a big step and could be very $$ depending on your insurance. I was fitted for them but they didn't work out b/c I am not only tear deficient but also the meibobian oil isn't right. Prose work best for just tear deficiency.

    What are you allergic to and what are you doing for the allergies? I know Similasan has an allergy drop…is that what you are using?

    Dont stress too much about the makeup. I'm 31 and have had dry eye for what feels like forever (5 years?) and I stopped wearing makeup altogether. I don't really miss it anymore and I used to wear a ton! Especially eyeliner!


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