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dry eye sufferr from Turkey.

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  • dry eye sufferr from Turkey.

    Hello everyone. I am Nur from Turkiye.
    My english is not very good. So I hope you understand what I try to explain.let me start my story from the beginning. I started wearing contacts when I was 20 and wore them "successfully" until i was 30. I never really had any dry eye issues and I should also say that i was always pretty diligent in cleaning them/storing them in clean solution. I probably slept in them a total of 10 times during that whole stretch and that was only for an hour nap or so. But I was an overwearer.( 15 hours every day)
    Last summer I had giant papillary conjunctivitis with the symptoms burning, light sensitivity,increased mucus discharge in the mornings and my opth. said that I have dry eye and must use artificial tears. I thought it was a temporarily treatment. If I knew that wearing contacts can make eyes dry, would never continue wearing them. So I stopped wearing contacts and started weearing glasses. After the gpc gone in a month with antibiotics, I understood dry eye is a serious problem to handle. It was still with me. Started taking lubricating drops four times a day than adenoviral keratitis appeared on my right eye.the treatment was for one month.(lotemax-vigamox-ganciclovir) when the doc said ceratitis gone, my eye pressure elevated 30. Stopped using corticosteroids, than after one month my eye pressure 17-17 normal again. Thank God I havenít got glaucoma.
    So I am alone with dry eyes now. I see soapy-looking bubbles along my inferior lid margins especially in the mornings.. itís like getting soap in my eyes.the doc. Said this occurs when excess lipid secretions react with protein in the tears. I complain of burning and redness upon awakening.i donít know if I have inflammation in my eyes now. There was excessive tearing for a couple of weeks, but it has gone now. I donít know what helped about that. i have eye mucus inner corners of my eyes , clean them 3times a day with a wipe. I have very oily skin especially around my forehead and nose.(I had acne problems when I was a teenager) The doc. said it is meibomian seborrhea because of a long-time untreated blephartitis. But adviced nothing except artificial tears. Thank God I have found this site and meet people like me helping a lot. I use omega 3 supplements (flax seed and fish oil, multivitmain and mineral combination pills once a day, warm compressions and lid scrubs with baby shampoo, using an antidandruff shampoo and soap for my oily skin. i know there are solutions like lipiflow or probling but in turkiye there is no probing and lipiflow. I havenít tried restasis or other treatment options(punctum plugs, autologous serum) but I will start 100mg doxy*a day for 6 weeks.
    After all these troubles, I can say that I am much better than I first met dry eye, but really far from healing.
    I hope everyone finds some relief from this really uncomfortable condition. i appreciate people in this forum who wants to help me and give advices.
    Regards from Turkiye.

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    and this is my soapy lower lid. Believe me it's much worse in the mornings.


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      Hi Joepeschi. Just to clear something up
      when excess lipid secretions react with protein in the tears
      is not how I understand the foam forms. Firstly it is not due to excess lipid, it can happen with any amount of lipid. Search 'meibomian gland saponification'. Secondly it is bacteria or their byproducts that alter the meibum into a soapy like substance, not normal tear film proteins. Anyway it sounds like you are good with cleaning the lids and I am hopeful that the doxy will benefit you. To me it doesn't look like you have any significant inflammation at the time you took the photo. Good luck


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        thank you very much for your information. there are many people in this forum who have much more knowledge than the most of the docs about dry seems you are one of them. ive started taking doxy 100mg/ a day. its been just 5 days now. i dont know if it is early to make a comment about the effect of doxy. but i think its working for me. in the mornings i wake up with very oily eyes but not with dry eyes anymore. soapy secretions are still on my lower lids and meibomian glands look like a little bumpy. i still need artificial tears five or six times a day.
        how can i understand if i have inflammation in my eyes. The doc. said nothing about it. Actually the doctors in my town doesn't know anything about dry eyes. he just told me 'use artficial tears, avoid from the light' i even use doxy without prescription. he told me that i can use it for two months ,if i want. i am searching for a dry eye specialist in the larger cities of my country like istanbul , ankara. i hope i can find someone who really understand whats goin on in my eyes. this forum is only thing that i have for now.


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          Hi jeopeschi, was wondering if you have any updates regarding your condition


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