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    Hi Michael,

    You are welcome.

    Great to hear your positive attitude. And this condition really requires it! I too was worried (and still am) about job security. I was thinking 'well what else could I do'. Even those closest to me had taken the doctor's statement and started running a mile. My wife and mother were even saying 'you could be a taxi driver'. Which for someone who has designed for so many years would be well - a big transformation! So even those around us can be blind to the condition. In my case my wife and mother took the 'authority' of the doctor's opinion and took it as valid.

    1 year ago at the time of my really bad dry point I said after taking 3 days off on the sick on returning to work 'I'll do it one day at a time'. Then I said if I can get to a month. Then I said a year. And here I am still working as a designer. I got myself a pair of moisture glasses (the 7eye CHURADA - you may like these) and I've had them on for most of the year. I say most as it got to a point where I took them off and this lasted for a good few months. However now I'm back to wearing them given my recent worsening of the condition.

    So yes. I went from thinking I was resigning and would have to become something else. I even remember asking the forum about job security for those who work in screens. My anxiety was very high. However that was then. I am optimistic that I can continue. I do have some new theories which threaten my future ability to work on screen and these mostly revolve around 'atrophy' however they are just thoughts not a reality.


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      Hi All,
      after a few weeks, this is my update.

      I'm feeling slightly better. Because I'm VERY careful with my eyes and my work environment is a lot better, I don't want to rip my eyes off (only sometimes) but it's still far from normal. The wind outside, A/C and dry air is still killing me.

      I was at another eye doctor today and I told her to do another TBUT test. My actual results are 8 sec for the left eye and 3 sec for the right eye. Damn, the right eye is struggling and yeah, i can feel this eye is a lot worse. I still have a feeling that I fu*ked it up with my tea-tree oil, it wasn't so bad before :/ But I asked her for autologous serum and I will make it done.

      Thanks to my new friend from Czech republic and our e-mail communication, I have some new things to try:
      1) Food intolerance - (not food allergy) - I might buy a do-it-yourself kit on the internet and I will make the tests. There might be a connection with dry eyes. But maybe not.
      2) Coeliac disease - this might be a long shot but still - there might be a connection to dry eyes and the test is not expensive so I will try it.
      3) autologous serum - already in process. I will definitely try it.
      4) Dry eye clinic in Graz, Austria - he was there and they have some hi-tech equipment and they know a lot about dry eye. So this is hope for us in Europe if you want to get some precise diagnose But in the end, he was diagnosed with blepharithis and MGD and Demodex. Demodex is maybe the most important, because I'm now paranoid about it and I want to eliminate these little buggers. But not with tea-tree oil I have, it's too dangerous for my eyes. I need to find a better way. There seems to be a connection with ocular rosacea so if you have rosacea, you probably also have overpopulated demodex. This website seems to be a nice source of info about it

      I've also bought a new artificial tears called Hylo-Protect and it seems promising. It contains "Ectoine" which is some natural compound found in several species of bacteria (google it yourself). I will use it for 1 month and we will see.


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        Hiya, I just wanted to thank you for making these posts,it brings
        Me hope to see how your coping and I think to myself
        If you can,I can too.
        I was also a long-term gamer (mostly wow, every evening 7pm
        To 2am) and then using computer all day for work. I no longer use
        Games and that life style seems like a dream.

        By the way, I tried tea tree and got some to close to my eye, though
        It did not go into the eye, it stung for days and my eyes watered a lot, it's
        Powerful stuff!
        People have recovered, so can we.