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Why would a 24 year old suffer from Dry Eyes?

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    Hormones are a huge cause and computer use. Mines is Like 90% periods and 10 for computer use. Try anti flammatories as they are suppose to help with dry eyes. It helped me then stopped dunno why. If they don't do more than "drops" see someone else! It's your health, that is what I am doing, drops and all sorts do not relieve me in any way and never have done. Please find help someone who cares about this enough to reduce inflammation. Good luck! X


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      Hi Gemma,
      If you can take anti-depressants and they don't make your eyes drier, you are very fortunate. Many of them are extremely drying. No, I would not use baby shampoo, but I do use Ocusoft scrubs once every day to keep the eye area free of debris and germs. Try using your hot compresses three times a day for 10 minutes each time. Perhaps that is too much for you, but I'd give it a try. It made a big difference for me to up the compress time to 10 minutes. I would definitely try to find an eye drop you like, and use it at least several times every day. They will help protect the surface of your eye. I really had to experiment with drops as different drops are formulated for different kinds of dry eye. I like TheraTears, but they just happen to work best for my particular situation. After you do your compresses, try gently pinching the skin on your lids and below your eyes. Rub the skin back and forth all the way around each eye. This method of expressing the glands worked best for me and helps to keep the oil moving. Best of luck to you.


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        Hey everyone... thought id post an update. My right eye has been very irritated the last few days to the point where I haven't wanted to do anything but sit in bed. (I have had to go to work though) It feels right now as though it is just a few blocked glands on my outer corner, a few on my upper lid and a few on my bottom... if these could be removed (?) then maybe things could improve for me. I also tried to increase my dose of Citalopram from 10mg to 20mg and suffered with my eyes as a result so ive had to go back to 10. I also can no longer take Flaxseed in oil form because my stomach has become really sensitive to it and ive been actual sick within a few hours after. So im trying to find an alternative. Wouldn't wish dry eyes on anyone. The worst thing is knowing this will never really get better and i'll always have flare ups.


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          Hello Everyone,
          I have been suffering from dry eyes for about 4 years now and I am currently 31 years old (female). It had been a super frustrating and depressing experience, and like many of you know.. No one really understands.. or they don't see how red your eyes actually are like you do. Like most of you, I have no answers as to why this has happened. I have tried many drops and methods to try to get some relief, however no luck. I even had lipiflow performed in Jan 2016... which really didn't help. I would not recommend it for the money it will cost you. Not to be too negative but maybe it would be beneficial to certain people, but was a waste of money to me, but hey I was desparate. I constantly use systane gel drops throughout the day because of course my work is mostly computer work. I am really frustrated all the time about it.. and yes some days I just want to hide in my bedroom. I also used to love my blue eyes, they were always an attribute I loved about myself. Now they are red most of the time and I fear they will just keep getting worse.

          I am in perfect health otherwise which makes me think there is an answer for me somewhere out there. I have started to see a naturopath to see if maybe they can provide me with a different approach and some answers. I sometimes wonder if it is a hormone imbalance? as I have a few other symptoms of low estrogen. I have recently gotten blood work done to check my hormones and will be finding out the results this week so hopefully something is wrong... which is bad to say I know, but then it would lead me into a direction. I had blood work done a year and half ago to rule out any autoimmune diseases which was terrifying to do, but everything was normal, which was good to hear but again frustrating because again I was lost for answers.

          I am also curious about any other treatments people have tried. I have seen an optomologist who put me on restasis again for the second time.. ya doesn't really help me too much. He also recommended punctal plugs (which I am not interested in) and blepharplasty.. which made me thinks ooooo a money grab. I figure if all of us try every treatment out there we are bound to find answers eventually. No?

          Just wanted to reach out to the dry eye community as I am constantly obsessed researching it, and find it helps to talk about it with people who truly understand. Has anyone else looked into hormone imbalances?