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  • New dry eyes patient

    Hi all,

    I really would like to tell my story, as I'm diagnosed with dry eyes. I would like to tell my story, and get some clarification and maybe some possible solutions.

    It all began half a year ago. I started studying Computer Science at a Dutch university (Im 19 years old). I always wore contact lenses, 12-16 hours a day. At some point I felt a sort of pressure behind my eyes. So, I started wearing my glasses more. After two months the pain was worse and I didn't know what to do anymore. I tried to sleep more, stop drinking alcohol and coffee. Nothing worked. I decided to see a doctor. She diagnozed me with dry eyes "You eyes are a bit dry, here is some Duratears (drops) and try it for a month). After a month I came back, it didnt work. I decided to see another doctor. He diagnozed me with an infection in my eyes, because my eyes were a bit red. I received some anti biotics (salve). This made it worse. I suffered from high pressure behind my eyes. I came back and I received anti biotics for an infection of the space behind and above my eyes, cant think of the english name. That didnt work. He sent me to an Ophthalmologist.
    Yesterday I went to see her. After some tests with uv lights she diagnozed me with dry eyes. I couldn't believe it, because Duretears didnt work, there must be something else?
    She mentioned that duratears is bad and prescribed me some other medicine, a gel and eye drops. I can get them today with a bit of luck.

    I didnt get any clarification which form of dry eyes I have, nor I received a solution. My optician did the same tests with UV light and he said my eyes were normal.

    It has been half a year since it all started, and mentally I collapse. I can't think of anything else than living with pain the rest of my life.

    I did a lot of reading, and I got some solutions I want to try out. First I would like to try the medicines my Ophthalmologist prescribed.
    I received an air humidifier 30 minutes ago for my room, so the air humidity will be a lot better.
    Also I'm going to try Omega-3 Supplements and Sea Buck thorn oil.

    Thanks for reading,

    If someone has any clarification of my form of eye dryness I really would like to hear, and the solutions that are possible.


    Edit 1: Which supplements are good to take? Omega-3 is a possibilty, are there any more? Sea buckthorn oil is hard to come by
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    Sorry to hear your trouble. You are only 19. I'm thinking this will pass in time once you have given up the contacts.

    Dry eyes are bad enough as it is but often leads to blepharitis. Its important you keep with a regimen of hot compresses and cleaning the eyelid margins well. Find eyedrops or a gel that work for you. Many people like myself have a problem with preservatives contained in many brands of drops. Preservative free are available but must be kept refridgerated once opened. I tried many products till I found Liposic gel. This stuff gave me back my life.

    There are some really helpful youtube videos on how to properly clean your eyelid margins and blepharitis. You should spend some time researching your affliction. You do not want blepharitis.

    I don't know about supplements. Can't hurt but don't expect too much. Don't put them in your eyes of course.


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      I would say make sure the Omega 3 oil you take is a good brand. I took countless different kinds no name, ones on sale, wasn't until my naturopath prescribed me one that I noticed a difference, so I am a big believer that you can take countless natural supplements but if they are not good quality, you are wasting time and money.

      If you are wearing contacts or get to a point where you are wearing contacts fully again, give your eyes a break as often as you can. Optometrists have been saying this all my life and I wish I listened to them now! I have countless friends who wear their contacts from the time their up till they go to bed and I always tell them one day it will catch up to them!

      I second the preservative free eyedrops. I feel the other ones created a dependence on them, so its best to stay off them if possible. I found olive oil around my eyes helped me to not need eye drops all together, but depending on your exact situation, putting oil around your eyes might not be a solution.

      If you find yourself stuck and can't find relief from what your eye doc is prescribing you and advice on the internet, I would say find yourself a good naturopath. Within a few appointments I feel like with her suggestions of a few different things to change I was able to start to find my dry eye relief. You have a unique situation and if you find a good naturopath they will work with you to tailor a diet/regime and or supplements to help you cope with your dry eyes


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