Ophthalmologist I consulted recommended above surgeries to correct astigmatism and nearsightedness as well as cataracts. I foolishly put total trust in him without researching. After all, he is the expert. Nothing about the experience has been good. Have had pain in right eye especially and vision not as good as it was initially after surgery. He diagnosed dry eyes-of course!!! Actually, he told me he has never had a patient with my outcome which you really don't want to hear from your doc. He advertises as one if Top Fifty Doctors per Newsweek magazine and has very good reputation. When I got no relief after seeing him weekly for nearly 3 months, I suggested a second opinion to which he agreed and gave me a referral. This doc is associate professor of ophthalmology at a prestigious university as well as in practice. Had workup and was told "dry eyes and blepharitis". He prescribed low dose steroid drops 2-3 times a day, preservative free OTC drops 3-4 times a day, moist warm compress once a day, and polymycin-dexamethasone ointment on lower lids at bedtime. Saw him 4 weeks later and said to continue this regimen even though not helping much and come back in two months. I can send messages to him online and he essentially tells me to do what I think best which is not particularly helpful as I am looking to him for
his expertise. Recently saw optometrist thinking soft contacts might help but she doesn't recommend for now and said she wouldn't have me on prescription mess ophthalmologist prescribed "but he us the expert with twice as much schooling".

Every day is a struggle to get through as I have had so few days in past 5 months that were anywhere near pain free. All the dry eye symptomsain, eyelid sticking to eyeball, pinching contact feel, pressure, etc etc etc. So many times I just want to give up and end it. My husband has been hugely supportive but know he must be weary of hearing me. So I am grateful to have found this forum. I can post and lament this situation and know there are those who understand what this debilitating condition is like from first hand experience. I am really worried next time I see this doc he will tell me it won't improve. He dis say he has seen patients like me but "very rare" .
If anyone else has had thus surgery, would love to hear your experience.
Thanks to all and best wishes for improvement to everyone.