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pain and sunlight sensation

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  • pain and sunlight sensation

    Hello Dears

    I am a dry eye patient for a year , nowadays even though my eyes full of tears (with 4 plugs) I have some pain around my eyes and I strongly turn my eyes left - right and up and down no dryness no sinking no burning on my eyes but I have only pain on eyes muscles which supports turn its

    I cant also go outside wihtout sunglasses, sunlight bothers me so much

    I have also pain like this Click image for larger version

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    Hello! I am 21 years old and have suffered from dry eye since I was 16. Foolishly, I thought constant redness and irriation would go away with time. It did not, and I did not see an Eye Doctor until December of 2014( Biggest regret of my life). Over 4 years after my symptoms began. The doctor said it looked like someone had poured meat tenderizer in my eyes. I got lower punctual plugs and thought my eyes would miraculously turn back white. I was very wrong. Instead I was left with a glassy redish tent with tons of permanent red veins all over my eye balls. I was devastated that I had let my eyes go through so much damage that they scarred. The plugs did ok for me. One has fallen out :/. I also have extreme sunlight sensitivity. I even drive with a gardeners hat! I am on the hunt for the darkest wraparound glasses ever. I have bought and returned SO MANY sunglasses. It is terrible. I have bought a pair of "Locs" sunglasses that are pretty dark. I have only had them for a few days and seem to like them even though they are to big for me. I am still hunting for the perfect sunglasses. Good Luck!!!
    Hope is what I crave!