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Extremely Dry Eyes after St.John's Wort

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  • waterbee
    Have you tried taking a high dose of fish oil? Some times it takes 2-3 months before you get the benefits for these but they make a great deal of difference to many dry eye suffers.

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  • Markus2424
    started a topic Extremely Dry Eyes after St.John's Wort

    Extremely Dry Eyes after St.John's Wort

    I've taken St. John's Wort and Passiflora against my Depression, and the result is extremely dry eyes!!!!!!
    and i can't take st. john's wort any longer,

    so now i have beside my heavy depression additionally extremely dry eyes

    No eye drops really help me against this extreme sicca syndrome,
    I must take hyaluronic acid 0,3% all 15 minutes, about the whole day distributed I have to do certainly 60 times pure drop.

    I have despaired very much,

    Flaxseed oil in the eye lids brings for 1 hour relief, but i can't recognize any longer cure.

    I have this mega sicca syndrome since 3 Months and it becomes simply not better.

    I have already tried the following to cure the sicca syndrome but no effect:
    - Acetylstein (7 days 600 mg)
    - Tears Again Sensitive (4 Weeks)
    - Anthocyane (3 Weeks)
    - High Dosage Vitamin C (~ 5g about 3 Weeks)
    - Flaxseed Oil oral and on the eye lids
    - omega 7 (sallow thorn oil) 3 Weeks
    - several standard eye drops (carbomer 2mg etc.)

    Anyone an idea what could help in long-term??

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