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    I would like to share something that happened to me 14 days ago to possibly get any advise on what to do next. I've had a long history of eye issues for almost 10 years now but they were much more manageable the past 4 years compared to the previous years before that. I still had issues here and there but much more rarely and they were no where near as chronic or extreme as they used to be. Basically to get into what happened, 2 weeks ago I was cleaning my bathroom and I decided to use a natural toilet bowl cleaner that I havent used before, one with out chemicals or so they say. I got some of the toilet bowl cleaner on my finger when I was cleaning but no big deal. The reason I'm mentioning this is that it seems to tie into the story atleast from my perspective.

    The next day totally randomly my eyes were the worst they have ever been in around 5 years. They were all of a sudden swollen, extremely painful and inflamed. Over these past 14 days I've mostly just been waiting to see if they change at all but they haven't. After this happened I of course tied this possibly into using that new toilet bowl cleaner I never used before. Maybe getting it on my finger the ingredients possibly absorbed into my system and something happened. I'm obviously grasping at straws here but I just donít believe this can be a coincidence. It's the only thing I did different.

    I'm beyond concerned at this point, its only been 14 days but it's been debilitating over this time. I have no idea what to do next as thoughts of suicide have been creeping in. I still cant believe they are this bad again. I've spent the last 14 days putting a cold cloth on my eyes pretty much the entire time. I constantly rub my eyes and the crustys keep building up in and around the eyelashes. White big globs of pus keep pouring out too. One thing to note is that I have had pus coming out of my eyes for many years but not nearly as much as now and there wasnít any other symptoms associated with it. Another thing is a day or so after my eyes started being like this my nasal passage and the inside of my nose became painfully dry too. My nasal passage hasnít been dry for about 6 years and this is probably the driest its ever been. As well my mouth and throat became dry and I'm constantly thirsty no matter how much I drink. While I have been fairly dry in a couple areas over the years, I havent ever really been this dry all around in general at one time. Is it possible that something in that toilet bowl cleaner absorbed into my system through my finger and reacted in some way? It wasn't till the day after I used it that this happened. Some of the symptoms kinda seem like conjunctivitis but with how they happened in such a short time span basically over a day or 2 it just seems like theres a possibly that there was some kind of physiological change.

    I would appreciate any advise.

    Thank you

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    Welcome, and I hope you will forget about suicide. If you have had dry eye for awhile, you know that it is better, worse, better, worse...depending on many things. Please see your primary care physician about your dry nose/mouth and depression, and your eye doctor if you have not already done this. It sounds like you might have an eye infection which should be easily remedied. Please make an appointment as soon as possible, and know that we are behind you 100% if you need to vent. Sending best wishes and good thoughts. Please call the doctor first chance.


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      Welcome. Scary! So sorry to hear this! And... What LaDiva said! See an eye doctor ASAP! I would try to avoid getting too hung up on the whys and wherefores and whether it's about this cleaner or not... most importantly dealing with what is, right now.... If you are being seen by an eye dr about this specifically can you share with us what they said or what treatment they have you on? Also, suicidal ideation is not uncommon with severe eye problems - sounds like you are aware and reaching out, which is great - important to tap into any and all appropriate resources....
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone


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