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  • What I've tried so far and results

    I hope everyone will make a little matrix like this and we can all share our experiences this way.

    My problems appear to be dry-eye from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, plus posterior blepharitis. The medications/treatments for one often aggravate the other. I've been diagnosed for about 6 months now.

    I'm starting to keep records now (I wish they were better), and I'll keep this updated. This uses Google Spreadsheets for online posting of an Excel or OpenOffice sheet, I recommend others try the same.

    My results so far, here:
    Blepharitis leads to MGD causes dry eye?
    Dry eye drops cause eyelid irritation exacerbating Blepharitis?

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    Steve-I absolutely love your progress (or lack thereof) progress chart!
    I think this will appeal to many A(retentive)types also. I am not of that ilk, but I can see this would appeal to a lot of us.

    I can instantly think of other uses of the graph for me personally. I've recently had to bring new (and different specialists) into my medical fold, so to speak and this will be helpful. Thanks alot.

    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

    The Dry Eye Queen


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      A blank chart for anyone to use

      Lucy, so glad you liked it.

      Anyone else who wants to use this chart, here's a blank one you can use. Just copy it to your own Google Spreadsheets and go wild:
      Blepharitis leads to MGD causes dry eye?
      Dry eye drops cause eyelid irritation exacerbating Blepharitis?


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        Steve's chart

        Your chart was very informative--great job. I have had dry eyes since Nvember. Discovered I was allergic to most preservatives in OTC drops, am on Restasis and Optive now--what really drive me nuts is that my eyes close and sometimes just will not open again for anyting---can last for minutes or hours. Seem to have bad and good days. Frustrating because no one seems to have heard of this (or at least my Dr. hasn't!!).
        Good luck--maybe I will try Systane.


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          Omega-3 TheraTears and Restasis

          I've tried TheraTears Fish/Flaxseed Oil for approx 4 months in a row and saw no improvement. I've been using Restasis for 7 weeks now and it seems to be helping. Something interesting to note...initially both my eyes would burn after using Restasis (like they say). Now only my left eye burns. Ironically, my left eye is still red. I also need use an artificial tear 1/2 hour after using Restasis in my left eye only. I still put art. tears in my right eye 2 or 3 times a day for good measure only. I really think Restasis is working for me...I hope! I'll know the answer for sure when the fat lady sings.



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            good news about the restasis...

            I have yet to be able to tolerate it and now have two weeks of Alrex before I can try restais again. So I am encouraged to hear someone who's seeing improvement. Keep me posted, okay?

            Lasik induced severe dry eye


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              Hope things work out great for you Kyle (with Restasis as well as everything else) and you too Natalie. I've probably stated this many times, but once again let me say that Restasis has greatly helped me. During showering I rinse my eyes with preservative free saline (Unisol 4), then once out and prior to moisturizer and makeup, I take a q-tip and use more saline to clean my eyelid margins, put on under the eye moisturizer, then use my Restasis, close my eyes for a good minute then continue with moisturizing and putting some makeup on. The saline coolness is quite refreshing and I feel like it removes any debris that may still be there after washing my face. I can tell a difference within one minute after the Restasis is in as far as comfort and less redness. Hope this is a solution for both of you as well. I don't know what I would do without Unisol4 (thanks to Rebecca's suggestion) or Restasis!!!


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                Thank you!

                Hi Steve,
                Thank you very much for your sheets.
                You once told me to try Systane, I've tried for about 2 days, smoothing but I got more redness. But I hate redness more than dryness( maybe I'm getting used to it) so I stopped.
                Im using Restasis for about 10 months. They are helping a little. Occasionally if I need to go to somewhere with strong light, I will take one drop rhoto(remove redness).
                Wish you a lot of progresses.