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corneal abrasion and herpetic keratitis

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  • corneal abrasion and herpetic keratitis

    in october i ran into a boobie trap set by my botfriend in the garage and ended up with four surgeries to remove wood fragment , paint and the resulting scarring from my other wise healthy eye. I ended up with dry eye, yipee. going back in may for a check up for my poor eye that has never been the same since i discover that i have acquired(who knows how!) a viral herpes infection in the same eye yipee i and taking valtrex trifluridine and some antibiotic ointment for my pitiful little eye, oh in addition to optivar and liquid tears. Oh and my allergies are killing me this year with the normal itchy eyes, nose etc. any suggestions or related experiences...i am pretty much simply in shock.

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    For starters, Paula, I'd get a new boyfriend.
    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

    The Dry Eye Queen


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      Booby Trap

      Booby trap for what or who?!!


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        It was kind of a joke. he left the attic stairs open in the garage without any lights on and i came home from buying halloween candy for the kids. My arms were full so i was attempting to navigate without light and ran straight into the corner of the stairs with my eye. I am really petite and i tease him and say that it was a booby trap set just for me since it i had been any taller it would have gotten me in the cheek instead. he is always making the garage messy so if i come in through the back i have to navigate his "bboby traps"


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          Four surgeries to remove wood fragments....You are a very forgiving person.



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            Booby trap

            Actually, some years ago I had gone into my bedroom in the dark, because my husband had already gone to sleep, and I didn't want to disturbe him. When I bent over to set my alarm clock, I stuck myself in the eye with a stick in a dried flower arrangement. You know how those things collect dust. So not only did I end up with a laceration on my cornea, but developed an unbelievable fungus in my eye. My eye was blood red and itched like crazy. After clearing everything up with antiobiotics, etc. I used Similasan Allergy Eye drops. They helped tremendously with the itching. I use them even now. It might help you after you are sure everything is healed and that is okay to use something like that.


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              Thankyou for the suggestion, i will try them. I have accumilated a nice little pile of eye drops, goo and misc treatments over the last few months. Of course with this last development i have to throw them all away because they may be contaminated and start all over again This has been really hard on me. I already have congenital cataracts and was considering surgery for them this summer after waiting a lifetime for them to become operable and to begin to actually significantly affect my vision. My guy may have been oblivous to my vision needs like light but he is learning, unfortunately at the cost of my left eye hopefully not of my vision. He really is a nice guy.


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