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  • Hello I am new.

    Hello everyone, my name is Delilah and I live in Idaho. I have been suffering with this MGD for 2 years now, I barely found out what I had till I went to a specialist in Utah. I had a horrible eye infection two years ago and got it treated, 3 days later I started having this thick mucus coming out of my eyes. I went to every eye doctor I could think of, only for them to give me $80 tiny bottles of eye drops that didn't help. So I went on suffering and seeing eye doctor after eye doctor till one doctor sent me to the Moran Eye Clinic in Salt Lake City.
    The doctor said it was Meiobian Gland Dysfucntion and said it was caused by smoking cigarettes in young people. After doing research I have not yet found one case that involved smoking, its just something that happens and no one knows why. Sometimes this thing, this freaking MGD that I have makes me want to poke my freaking eyes out. These long strings of mucus are always bothering me, I do warm compresses, natural tears and it doesn't help, so I am going to try this N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and the doxycycline, hell I am willing to try anything. I am freaking miserable, anyway this site helped me see that many others out there suffer from this horrible annoying constant disease, disorder whatever it is.
    In the mornings sometimes its so bad I think I am going blind, I cannot see and make it to the bathroom to do the warm soaks and strip the mucus out of my eyes, feels like sand and grit are in them. I haven't even been able to wear make-up, sorry that this is so long but I just had to tell all of you I am in the same boat and I did notice little blisters and I just scraped them off too, this was before it got worse. I didn't know what in the hell they were, this MGD is just freaking horrible and these strings of mucus I pull out of my eyes are just freaking disgusting I get so frustrated and so sick of this I just feel like poking my eyes out Well I am going tomorrow to try that supplement at GNC and get the doxycycline, hopefully I can get some sort of relief. Thank you all for reading this and please anyone feel free to vent on me too Delilah

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    You can vent here anytime. I cannot empathize with you exactly, but I do understand your frustration and the madness of all this. I think it's a great idea for you to try the doxy and the NAC glutathione. People do have luck with these drugs. It surprises me that you weren't given doxy immediately upon your diagnoisis of meibomianitis.

    I know there will be many fine people behind me making suggestions to you. Best of luck in finding the answers.

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