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Woohoo ! My findings thus far ! (not really as cheerful as implied)

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  • Woohoo ! My findings thus far ! (not really as cheerful as implied)


    First-generation LCD monitors at the software company I worked at in 2001. Genetic photosensitivity ?


    2001 to mid-2006: Using Bausch&Lomb preservative-free artificial tears with ever-increasing frequency (eventually every 15-20 minutes during computer use, with TV being less punishing).

    2005: started Omega-3 fish oil. Initially noticed improvement. Then, diminishing returns. Whenever I got sick, my eyes got so bad I couldn't even watch TV.

    mid-2006 to now: The eyes switched into the next "stage". I migrated to Theratears but it was not enough by itself. Theratears Liquigel saved me ! It also allowed me to watch TV when I got another cold ! Also, Walgreens Refresh Plus generic (which is Theratears of double concentration) during milder periods.


    2002: Ophtalmologist #1: I was subjected to an extensive series of exams, after which I was boldly and competently declared to be having an unknown problem. I was given a prescription gel which covered my eyes at night.
    The gel worked wonders for 2 nights, until my eyes started creating a chemical that caused it to dissolve during the night.

    2006: Ophtalmologist #2: "Try hot compresses and wiping your eyelids with baby shampoo". Listen, doctor, the reason you're witnessing my "unclean" eyelids is because I have to use Liquigel during the day ! And the reason I started using it is because my eyes got worse ! If you saw me right after the shower, before I applied them today, I assure you my eyelids would be a lot cleaner !

    2006: Optometrist/wannabe ophtalmologist #3: "I see nothing wrong with your eyes. I see no signs of abnormal intraocular pressure. It is all in your mind, your eyes are merely the mirror of your nervous system and stress".
    At this point I took out my imaginary shotgun and ...

    2006: General doctor: "It's not caused by nerves, that's crap. But you may want to start using mood inhibitors."
    Me: "Doctor, the reason I am so distraught is because my eyes interfere with my life severely."

    ============= LINE OF SANITY CROSSED HERE ================

    2006: "Healer" #1: "You have increased intracranial pressure because of that childhood trauma you told me about. Here, I'll fix it." (Moves her hands around my head for about 30 minutes, with some mild touching). "Ok, I fixed the butterfly here. It should all normalize very soon. But don't worry, I'll look in on your photograph from time to time to receive information about your health."

    2006: "Healer" #2: "You... uh... it's not important. Sit here and listen to elevator music while I sit in front of you and do absolutely nothing. Oh, also, try dropping tea into your eyes at night".

    2006: "Healer" #3: "Ok, I can see the problem clearly. But I won't tell you about it because you won't understand. Suffice to say, I can fix it."
    Me: "Do tell about the problem, healer !"
    Healer: "You are in conflict with the Sun. Here, I am going to make custom plastic bracelets for you which have tiny little stones in a configuration I made specifically for you. You will wear them for a few days and notice improvement. One on each finger of left and right hand, one on right ankle and one on left wrist. Oh, and swap the bracelets every 8 hours."

    I took off the bracelets after a little over a week after they did absolutely nothing.

    2007: Ophtalmologist #3: (plugs my tear canals). Come back in two weeks. Also, make me a record of your artificial tear use each day at work.

    2007: "Healer?" #4: "According to Tibetan medicine, you have a problem with your liver meridian, that's affecting the eyes. I can fix this through an indefinite amount of acupuncture sessions which will force you to take more days off during the week than you have, and/or stretch your schedule so thin that you will snap and implode one day. So, wanna start ?"

    ... I am still due with the Ophtalmologist #3. Also, Healer #4 could be right ?


    * Hot compresses (microwaved wet towel for 30-35 sec)
    * Theratears Liguigel (same formula as Refresh Celluvisc), Refresh Plus (and to a lesser degree, Theratears)
    * Omega-3 (helps a little bit) - currently in form of Theratears Nutrition


    * Systane, Refresh Endura, Bausch & Lomb Moisture Eyes (too weak now)
    * Wearing plastic bracelets
    * "correction of my energetic field"
    * switching to LCD monitors


    * Ex-ex's father told her that my eyes are a sign of pending kidney failure and she'd eventually have to deal with wheeling me around in a wheelchair.

    * A shady helpful type offered to sell me crack when I was walking to work one morning, because I looked like I sorely "needed" it.

    * I can barely work, and it doesn't help that one of my main hobbies - videogame programming - ALSO involves computers. My eyes limit my creative realization and cause depression. My other hobby is Aikido, but it doesn't seem to improve my eye health.

    * I am always self-conscious about my eyes and avoid social situations more than I did before. Also, I avoid eye contact often.

    * Dating doesn't work well at all anymore. I look like a drug dealer I am giving up on this for now, even though I shouldn't - I am 29 and single - but I have no choice.

    * I snap at people a lot more. Living with constant discomfort is fun ! Yet another reason to limit social exposure.

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    Jack, I'm drawn to any post that begins with "woohoo" and absolutely must read it. Yours is both sad and funny. I'll read it again later when my peepers can go through it again.

    It doesn't sound like you're a happy camper. I enjoy reading your post, for sure. Lucy
    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

    The Dry Eye Queen


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      I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read your post. It was funny, but the sad thing is how true it is. Anyone not suffering from this problem doesn't have a clue. You're preaching to the choir here for sure. I hate you had to join us, but welcome and hope you can find some ideas for more relief or at least maybe a better doctor.
      Cause of dry eyes: Meibomian Gland Dysfunction


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        I felt that I could relate to a lot of things that you mentioned in your post. It's difficult to go to numerous doctors and not find the relief that you are seeking. I agree with Green Eyes, that one cannot really understand the pain and misery of dry eye unless he or she actually suffers from dry eye. I'm sorry that you have to be here, but there's a lot of information on this forum that will help you. And, please find a doctor that will work with you and listen to you. Maybe a corneal specialist...

        Good luck!



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          Thanks for your support guys


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            I don't know how I missed your post but will add my 2 cents now. I'm glad to see u are going thru this with humour. Your post made me laugh. I can relate to so many things u have said. Don't give up as we here all seem to be going thru this dry eye mess. (PS. don't give up on dating, u sound like one heck of a guy --if only I was 20 years younger.....)