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    Hi all:

    I'm new here and hoping that this post is in the right forum. I was diagnosed with DES and Blepharitis in 2004. (I can actually remember the day my eyes went bone dry). At the time I visited my regular optomotrist who suggested lid scrubs with Q tips and baby shampoo and warm compresses. (Very little help, poor results). I upped the ante and visited the family dr, another optomotrist and an opthomologist. More lid scrubs were suggested, I was on doxycycline, tobradex, patanol, over the counter eye drops, steaming my face, rinsing my eyes, salmon oil, flax oil and anything else they could think of to be rid of me (or so it seemed). I was in alot of pain but, but couldn't seem to get anyone to take me seriously. I think the attitude was, well, she's not going blind, so how bad could it be?

    I am a contact lens wearer and have been so for 30 years. (We all know where this is going--right) I looked into lasik. The more I researched the less likely it seemed right for me (Thank you Rebecca for Lasermyeye). Therefore in order to continue wearing my contacts I had to get the DES and Blepharitis under control and managable (FYI Tbut was 2-4 seconds). Back to the internet I go so see if I can cobble together a routine that works for me (Thank you Rebecca for Dryeyezone) and all who have contributed.

    The following is a routine that seems to work for me--What I hope others can get from this is some small tip or some small adjustment in their routine that will make a difference -- that is how my routine developed -- using small tips from others.


    Lid scrubs in shower with Cetaphil foaming bar (non soap based - I find if any soap gets near my eyes they dry out) Let water massage lids

    Evenings: Lid scrubs with "Lid Care" by Novartis. Excellent for removing makeup also. Clean face and lids with Cetaphil cleanser (non foaming pump) rinse with warm water.

    3-4 times per week, evenings only, put a hot ricey bag on lids over a DRYwashcloth. If I lose control of the DES I will substitute a hot WET washcloth for the dry one to get back on track.

    I wear an Acuvue Oasys Contact Lens in my left eye and Focus Night and Day in my Right Eye. (Don't ask me why but my eyes respond differently to contact lenses) This combinations is right for my eyes. I discovered this after some fiddling with comfort issues.

    It does seem to be a constant battle, and yes, DES is like a box of chocolates.....

    PS: I also had a heavy duty humidifier installed on the furnace...the windows sweat, but hey, I'm happy
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