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Loki stole my tears.

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  • Loki stole my tears.

    Hi, I'm Tony. My eyes on the dryness levels are 10 and 5, what's yours?

    I just stumbled upon this forum while looking for a better alternative to the tranquileyes mask at night. I'm a side sleeper and I usually remove it while I'm asleep; I was thinking about a regular eye mask from dream essentials, plus a PM eye drop before putting it on.

    Erm anyhow.

    My eyes became dry a bit after I turned 22 (a late birthday present!) due to using flonase; claritin; and (using the computer far too much) another medication which induced dryness. I never really thought about the side effects or even educated myself on people actually getting chronic dry eyes, until it happened to me; I'm 24 now and have been on restasis for 3 months, which hasn't helped me at all. Besides Restasis, I use Alrex once in a while, and also Genteal Moderate PF (I need a better eyedrop).

    This persistent problem has slowed down my love for reading and also my decision to go back to college. I should go back anyhow but I let this situation control me far too much.

    I guess I need to start trying different ways of relieving the dryness.

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    The genteel gel, not the drop, is the best thing I've found for over the counter treatments. I'd look at punctal plugs also if the dry eye is severe as those have helped me the most.