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    Lid care question??

    Why do we need to massage bottom lids only??
    (Have just read that in "dry eyes for dummies") when we have ,I understand 50 glands in the top eye lid
    I think I have been doing the wrong thing as i have been squeezing the TOP lids between finger and thumb sideways
    (cant be done top to bottom) I must say it gave me temporary relief and i often did it a lot during the day to ease prickling and burning
    Have i made things worse i wonder?
    Sorry i am sooo dumb
    Any comments ?


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      Hmmm.... I looked at the article and couldn't find this (but if it does say something like that it's a mistake). You're doing the right thing! I think most of us do top lids only though both contain meibomian glands.

      One of the things I like about Dr. Latkany's book is it gives clear instructions and diagrams for lid care. This is an area it's hard NOT to be confused about as there are a lot of conflicting, and confusing, descriptions out there.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Foundation