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GPC and no more contacts - gas permeable?

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  • GPC and no more contacts - gas permeable?

    Hello all,

    My story is the same as many who have had GPC (Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis). Wore contacts too much as a teenager and developed GPC. I have very sensitive skin, and am allergic to almost everything (besides drugs and food) which I'm sure didn't help this issue.

    I stopped wearing contacts in 2000 and have been wearing glasses every since. I can't tolerate contact lenses as the doctor said my GPC has caused my eyes to tear slower than normal (11-12 seconds as opposed ot 7 seconds). I'm 24 years old and obviously glasses wouldn't be my first choice.

    I've been to an ophthalmologist and tried some plugs, etc. and nothing seems to have worked. He suggested cleaning/rubbing my eyes with baby shampoo every day... that just ended up stinging and didn't seem to help. I do have those small visible bumps (without flipping back the eyelid) on my outer lids' occur regularly but I'm not sure if those are related to GPC.

    I'm considering trying gas permeable lenses as I hear the lens edge can be less abrasive on the upper eyelid. Has anybody had any success with this approach?

    Or, has anybody any suggestions for me that would be awesome. Thanks kindly.