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  • Rebecca Petris
    Dear Mary,

    Thank you for your post. I am very glad to hear that you have been treated successfully. If you could post further details, such as what your diagnosis was (I assume you had conjunctivochalasis?) and how long it has been since your surgery it would be very helpful for our readers to get a better understanding of how and why you benefitted from surgery.

    I hope you don't mind that I had to make a slight edit to your post. If you have had a very successful treatment I can totally understand your enthusiasm, and we welcome positive reports of any treatment. However, there is potential for what you wrote to be interpreted as urging others to get a surgical treatment no matter what their condition.

    Congrats again on your successful treatment.

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  • mary the librarian
    started a topic Relief from a Pro

    Relief from a Pro

    After not wearing sun glasses for 50 years I had ripples in the outer portions of my cornea. This damage caused severe dry eye. I was told about Dr. ******, in Tampa, and his unique skill as an eye surface specialist and surgeon. By forming amniotic membrane into the desired shape and replacing the rippled areas of the cornea with these new cells, the RESULTS WERE MIRACULOUS!!! It has been five weeks since the left eye was done and one week since surgery on the right eye. The left eye is totally healed and the right eye is healing nicely. My down time was one day. I no longer have to fear damage to the eye because of prolonged dry eye, nor tolerate the daily gritty, burning itching feeling.
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