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3 years, 4 Docs and counting...

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  • 3 years, 4 Docs and counting...

    Three years ago I deveoped dry eyes. After 6 months I went to my first Doctor and he prescribed alergy medicine..Claritan (sp.?). No help. So we went through 2 other similar medications. same result. My next Doc tried punctal plugs but they didn't fit properly and they scratched my eyes... so he cauterized my two lower ducts, not fun. After a month with no visible effect he said he needed to cauterize them again.. still no help. All the while, I taking Thera Tears Omega-3 pills, cortizone drops, scrubbing the lids, Systane, Doxyclicline and Restatsis! My thrid Doctor added punctal plugs in the upper ducts and "serum eyedrops" ( made from my blood). My fourth and current Doctor said the upper plugs had fallen out, put in bigger plugs, suggested with modest enthusiasm fish oil instead of flaxseed oil pills and bag the Doxyclicline, ok on the Restasis and try Opptive. Some improvement. I actually had a tear on my cheek yesterday. Some ok days, some awful...still. Have any of you had the following symptom?.... When my eyes are really bothering me, I blink and they seem to want to stay closed, I really have to concentrate to get them open. Hard to drive. dfwilson

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    Im so sorry your having such horrible trouble with your eyes, I've had severe dry eye for 4 and a half years now, Im just going to give you my opinion and hope some of it may help you? After reading your post it sounds like you've done way too much to your eyes, with so many procedures done your eyes are responding negatively. Try some preservative free eye drops and have a humidifier in your room at night, many have trouble with those punctal plugs and I would not have those anymore if they are not working. I think your using too many different drops in your eyes and that is the main reason for your discomfort. I've managed by now just using the preservative free eye drops and my humidifier. Ask your doctor to prescribe you some fish oil eye drops and you can get them at a compounding pharmacy. On line go to Leiters pharmacy they do compounding eye drops, I found the fish oil eye drops helped me during really rough times. I tried Restasis for a year and it only worsened my eyes, if something isn't working quit using it immediately, I also found that Muro 128 eye drops helped as well but don't use them every day. Hope you get to feeling better. Delilah


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      take it easy

      i know exactly what u r going through.i know the feeling when u want to try every single treatment and get discouraged when it fails.i have severely dry eye for almost 2years and tried every drop,restasis,plugs,doxycycline,omega supplements and still feel the same.i recently started 100%serum and i am going to stick with it at least for i got rid of plugs and any artificial drops even will use only serum,hot compresses,plenty water,no eye not use so many drops in ur eyes please.u r making ur tear film even more unstable.take it easy.u seem very frustrated,just relax and try to eliminate anything that doesn't help u.stick with what helps u.time will also help u.just like delilah wrote restasis worsened her eyes well it did also mine so i am very skeptic with anything artificial.restasis is very vicious and aggressive at least for me.


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        Originally posted by dfwilson
        Have any of you had the following symptom?.... When my eyes are really bothering me, I blink and they seem to want to stay closed, I really have to concentrate to get them open. Hard to drive. dfwilson
        I'm familiar with that 'heavy lid' feeling and I think several other people on the board are also.

        Dfwilson, do you have any diagnostic information you can share with us? Schirmer score? TBUT? Your various doctors' thoughts? Presumably they are seeing some lid margin disease based on some of the things they've prescribed.

        What are you (or were you) using to scrub your lids? Some cleansing agents especially baby shampoo can be irritating and can further destabilize the tear film.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation


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          I feel your pain

          I know exactly how you feel about the blinking and wanting your eyes to stay closed. Sometimes I feel as though they are rolling in the back of my head. Trying to drive somedays is extremely dangerous, not only for myself, but others. But, when one has to get to work..... I also have my ducts cauterized (bottom) and the top plugged. Tried restasis, no luck and am on pred forte everyday, take thera tears (vitamin), refresh drops, warm compresses. I just started covering them at night, first putting in genteal then covering with saran and then a mask, all buy doctors orders (so far no luck with that). My eyes seem to be at the absolute worst when I wake up. They bad thing is, because I had corneal transplants I have no choice but to wear contacts. So, with the excruciating pain my eyes already feel, I know have to put a contact in on top of it! Not fun. There are days when I don't know how much more I can stand. I am so glad I found this sight and others know exactly what I mean. Any suggestions?


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            Yep, some similar problems

            I feel for you too. I've had other problems that took priority over the dry eyes but last month I took action and had a permanent plug put in one eye. It doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. Not bothering me and not helping either. Drops are not hindering nor helping much either. It seems my eyes (especially the left) and nose all start watering as soon as I step outside into cool air. Worse with walking too. When I step back inside, they stop watering. Can you relate? Sandi