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Panoptyx are the best! and Dry Eye Rem. Book

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  • Panoptyx are the best! and Dry Eye Rem. Book

    I am still struggling to get the root of my dry eye problem and have had sever episcleritis which progressed across the eye to probably something more as there was photophobia, swelling and tearing, and blurriness. I am being tested for an autoimmune disease. Presently on PredForte and Restasis.

    I am severely allergic to mold and the tranquil eyes which were moist at night made it worse for me.

    However, the Dry Eye Remedy has helped me understand so much in proper massage and cleansing. I was overdoing it on the heat and scalded myself and had to get a prescription from the dermatologist. I do have rosacea, but my cornea specialist and the dermatologist do not think this is the cause of all the inflammation, which unfortunately NSAID drops did not work, only Pred Forte.

    Being a Stevens Johnsons survivor my body is weird. Last year it was hives from the mold, and I believe the inflammation might be allergy,but since it goes from one eye to the next they think it may be autoimmune disease.

    I have found the Thera Tear preservative free gel drops work the best for me and am also on Restasis. I would not be able to go outdoors if not for the Panoptyx which my physcians office convinced them to make in my -6.75 near sighted lenses. I look like I am ready to hop on a motorcycle and people do give me some looks, but they are just wonderful. You can tighten the strap as I have a small head and was only given one choice of frame because of my special lens.

    I can't say enough about them and found out about them and the book from your website.

    Thank you Rebecca!

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    I totally agree about the Panoptx. I LOVE mine! I have 2 pairs. Finally when I ride in a car with people and they put on their air conditioning I have something that protects my eyes. I can sometimes get my dryness level down to ZERO wearing them. What a wonderful coping tool!


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      which Panoptx to get

      hi I was thinking of getting some Panoptx for my dad (stevens-johnson survivor)..

      I was wondering if you could tell me which model Panoptx are the best to get ..

      I have to order them in because i'm in Australia.

      thanks in advance..



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