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    I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome about 2 1/2 years ago. Since then I have spent much of that time with recurring corneal erosions, which means many trips to the eye dr. and expense for bandaid contacts and meds I would rather not have. Last week I finally had PTK done on my left eye and right eye scheduled in 2 weeks. Tho I will still have dry eyes, hopefully this will eliminate the recurring corneal erosions which are a very painful thing to go thru. They told me this was the definitive treatment and rarely has to be repeated. Lets hope this is true!

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    Dody, as the owner of 7 year post-lasik eyes (including RCE), EBMD etc, I was also recently diagnosed with Sjogrens Disease. My eyes have been dry since the lasik surgery.

    I would question the PTK for someone with Sjogrens. I'm not a doctor, you understand, but we do not heal like other people having eye surgery. I hope this (PTK) is a help to you. I would get a second opinion before having the second eye done!

    Does this ophthalmologist know you have Sjogrens? I wonder if they would do lasik on a Sjogrens patient? Not a good idea. Please be careful.
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      Welcome Dody! Good luck with the PTK... fingers crossed for good healing. Keep us posted please!
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone


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        Welcome Dody!

        Hello Dody my name is Delilah and I've been on here for quite some time. I was diagnosed with severe dry eye, MGD and LD. I've went to numerous doctors and a very good eye clinic and there is nothing they can do for me so I just try to take each day by day. I was wondering what your symptoms of sjorgens syndrome were? I haven't been checked for that and was wondering if that was something I should look into as I have extremely dry skin, dry eyes, and dry mouth constantly. What tests do they do and what kind of doctor should I go see about it?
        I am also not sure if I have Crohns disease but went to the doctor and he was pretty sure I had it but couldn't make a positive mark until I get the colonoscopy which I can't afford at the time. I also suffer from erythema nodosum which are these painful nodules on my legs, they are not sure if it's from the Crohn's or something else? I take doses of potassium iodide but can't take it for too long as it will destroy your thyroid.
        Yes I am quite a mess being so young, I am only 31 and have so many problems it's crazy but I try to keep a positive attitude. I have had dry eye for 5 years now and the worst part is these mucus strings that come out of my eyes non-stop. Geez I was suppose to just welcome you then I drop a bomb on you lol, I just wanted to know how sjorgens is diagnosed and what tests they do, I know there is medicine for it, have you tried it? Does it work? God Bless Delilah


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          Hi Delilah

          I sent you a PM.



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