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    Hi there, I'm relatively new to all of this and was diagnosed recently after having a very quick consultation with an eye specialist, as having blepharitis and dry eye. The reason for my seeing the specialist in the first place was that when I woke in the mornings my left eyelid seemed to be almost stuck to the eyeball and I had to open it myself. I was given a pamphlet showing how to scrub the eyelid margins and then to massage and was also told to apply drops 4 or 5 times a day and put ointment in the eye at night. It's only my left eye that seems to be affected, feels dry and is a bit red but I was told to treat both eyes. I have no crustiness on the eyelid at all. My problem lately seems to be the eyelid tends to get "droopy", especially later in the day, also when I read or go on the computer and also if I have a little nanny nap during the day the eyelid seems to not want to open when I wake up. I'm thinking of going back to the specialist to ask a few more questions but came across this marvellous website and thought I'd ask them here first.

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    One possibility

    Have you been tested for Myesthenia Gravis? Here is a website about it. One of the classic symptoms is a droopy eyelid:



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      There may be lots of reasons for your difficulties


      I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement. I too had difficulty opening my eyes in the morning and continue to have a droopy eyelid, especially later in the day. In the last two years I've seen 6 different opthomologists, including some west coast specialists in neuro-opthomology and a cornea specialist. After continuing to use many therapies (punctal plugs, ointment, drops, glasses, etc.) I finally received a diagnosis last week of Superior LImbic Keratoconjunctivities (SLK of Theodore). Although related to poor thyroid function, at this point it does not seem to be related to a systemic disease like myasthenia gravis or Sjogren's Syndrome.

      For some reason the conjunctive (the gel like substance covering the whites of the eyes), became thicker than normal under my top eyelids. Without sufficient lubrication, the movement of my eyelids causes tiny abrasions which makes the dryness worse, results in some lid drooping, and can be painful.

      Because I already have four punctal plugs, wear glasses, use drops including Restasis, and an ointment at night, we are going right for the five minute surgery in which the doc takes off some of the excess conjunctive. He said I can go back to work the next day, although it is supposed to take up to 2 weeks to completely heal.

      It can be related to poor thyroid function (which I have), medications (I take some that make dry eyes worse), and diuretics (which I don't take, but I have an acquired problem that acts like a diuretic due to brain surgery for an unrelated condition).

      So, the path may be complicated, but hopefully you will find some good relief. And, it looks like the folks in this forum are good at offering lots of support.

      Do ask lots of questions. I wish I had found this website earlier to gain from the advise from others, especially regarding treatments.

      My budget is tight right now, but I did pick up a pair of the onion glasses a week ago at a kitchen supply store. (I think they are listed under "cheap or bargain basement" in Rebecca's favorites. ) The glasses look strange on, but they are the best thing I've found for giving me comfort (with drops) when everything else just doesn't cut it!

      Hang in there!

      Tears of Joy (I had to explain to folks why I suddenly needed to wipe tears from my face during business meetings. I told them my eye condition sometimes produces excess tears; they were to think of them as..."Tears of Joy!" lol)