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I have paid the price for vainity. Some s

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  • I have paid the price for vainity. Some s

    I have worn contacts since I was 18 years old (now 33 years old), up until last year I abused them alot, by falling asleep in them and wearing them when my eyes were sore.

    On approx 5 occasions I would develop conjuctivitis, which is described as bumps on the eyelids. Each time they would be healed with both anti-allergy drops and topical steroids. The last 2 times I successfully became somewhat 'symptom -free', I noticed my eyes were burning and stinging all of the time, and I would only wear my contacts occassionally, howver to no avail again it returned.

    This last time it returned I have not recovered from the conjuctivitis and my eyes have have been so dry that I find I am crying from the pain and it is preventing me from going to work . I have had to call in sick 2 times this summer because the pain has been so unbearable!!! Moisturizing eye drops do not seem to help, and I just tried temporary punctal pugs and found they were only mildly effective. The next treatment I am going to try is restasis. It seems the people on this site have not had a lot of luck with it. Does anyone know this success rates? Has it made anyones dry eye condition worse?

    I am getting married in October and want to start a life with my new partner and I am scared I won't be able to enjoy my life!.... I sympathize with all of you out there, I will NEVER have laser eye surgery thanks to all of you sharing your experiences!!

    Just a suggestion to everyone.... when I was on moderately high doses of Cod liver oil 25,000 I did notice my eyes were a lot more comfortable. But unfortunately they do not recommend it if you are becoming pregnant so it is not an option for me right now! Also it can impair liver function if used for a long time, so if you do take it, and if it is effective, make sure you get liver function test done every 6 months or so (talk to your GP). Endura eye drops also helps more than any other drops I have tried, it has castor oil as restasis does...

    Anti-allergy eye drops made my dry eye symptoms sooooooo bad, everyone be warned if you have allergies do not use unless absolutely neccessary!!!!

    I have also been focusing on self-healing..."The Secret" book is really interesting and may give some of you new hope.... Good luck everyone....

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    I can relate to your story about 'paying the price for vanity'. I wore contacts for 4 years i am now 22. I think i could of abused my eyes whilist wearing them coz i had problems getting them out, and they became to uncomfortable to wear but i still tried to wear them when my eyes where sore. Do you think contacts or abuse of them caused your dry eye?

    Re restasis, 15% are really successfull on it. Others do well but not as dramatic, im not sure on the %.

    I healed my dry eye with nutrition and detoxification. I'm now a Nutritional Therapist at: . Join my dry eye facebook group:


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      I will NEVER have laser eye surgery thanks to all of you sharing your experiences!!
      Hi Emma,
      I am sorry you are here with us, but want to say hello. When I read a newbie's story (I don't always), the thing I'm looking for is "lasik, lasek, PRK" or something like that. I'm glad I didn't see it in your post. In fact, you're probably better off without having refractive surgery thrown in the mix. It probably doesn't feel like it now, though.

      Dry Eye Zone is full of information on dry eyes and how to best deal with them. In your spare time, you should read through some of the threads. In the meantime, please don't blame yourself for the "vanity" thing. It's not true and you know you would not have worn contacts if you thought you were doing harm. That's like one of us blaming ourselves for having lasik. Some do and carry this burden, along with the pain and discomfort of dry eyes. I'll just deal with the pain and discomfort of dry eyes and leave the guilt somewhere else.

      Restasis does help some people, although I think statistics say about 1/3 of the people. That is great for those who feel better, but it's not a sure thing.

      Good luck, Lucy
      Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

      The Dry Eye Queen


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        hi emma
        like you i have dry eyes. i have tryed most if not all of the eye drops out there for my dry eyes. I have to be carefull of what I use because I have catoracts and gloucoma. I have used so much eye drops that half of the eye drops i have become allergice to them. I find my self useing Gentale because its the only one that works for me and with my eyes. my dry eyes were so bad somedays that i didnt even want to get out of bad in the mornings. I also had my right eye not open becasue of the dry eye one day. I am only 23 years old and i have had dry eye since June. some of the eye drops i have used had made my dry eye go really bad my eyes would bleaster from the eye drops after useing them for a time. I never had contacts becasue i am visually impared and i have to wear glasses just so i can see. my dry eyes has gotten in the way of my life becasue it makes my vision go crazy on me and i cant see to know where i am going. I hope that the Restaise helps you becasue it sure didnt like me any all it did to me was make my eyes bluaster. hope you have a wonderfull wedding enjoy it the week. Dreaming of a better life.


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          Hang In There

          Emma -

          I can emphathize with you. I wore contacts for over 25 years and I, too, abused my eyes. I slept with them in, refused to quit wearing them when my eyes were dry (thought I looked horrible in glasses as they were extremely thick). So - I had Lasik surgery - what a big MISTAKE!! I was never screened before the surgery, which I should have been, and I sometimes get on a self-blame kick. I have all four tear ducts closed, have to take oral supplements, and am currently trying Restasis for the 4th time. This time, I want to stick with it - my doctor told me that most people give up too soon because of burning. But I feel like I will never know until I really give it a try. I do know of one person that it really helped - she has been on it now for 2 years and is very happy with the results. We must all stick together with this problem and be there for each other - there are days when I am extremely uncomfortable, but I know I am not alone in this battle. Just keep searching for an answer - and have faith that someone will find a cure for this very painful and debilitating problem!! Good luck!!


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            Failure with temporary plugs does not mean that real plugs won't help you. The temporary plugs are very small. If you punctum hole is larger, those plugs will not block all the tears. In my vast experience with plugs, even if the plug is just a hair too small for the opening, it can be the difference between comfort and non comfort.

            You need the largest size your eyes can handle. In that way the seal is strong and the precious and few tears you are making don't drain down the whole.

            You are clearly very distressed and you need to find a doctor who will plug all your punctums. Once I did this, my situation went from almost not being able to function, to almost normal. All my tears stayed in my eyes instead of draining down the wholes making me very comfortable. Plugs saved my life.
            So you need to push this with your doctor. Unfortunately, so many of them don't understand this. I know it is strange to hear that but they simply don't.
            Some say just plug 2. Well if you plug 2 and your eyes are then fully comfortable, you don't need to go to 4. But if not, you aren't giving yourself a chance to be comfortable unless you plug all 4 very SNUGGLY. That is the key.

            Restatis has helped me along with the fish oil supplements. But these two items provide complimentary relief to the plugs. For me, the plugs do 90 pecent of the work.

            I actually think my problem stems back to wearing my contact lenses when they were very uncomfortable. I remember many years ago the optomistrist who I went to always said how dry my eyes were. I should have stopped wearing them then. Maybe I could have avoided the severe dryness that resulted.

            Email me if you want to talk more. Yoursituation touched me. I can feel your pain and understand your anxieties and know how you must be feeling preparing to start a new life when dry eyes can literally affect your being able to function in life. You need to try all your options and not waste time with doctors who don't understand dry eyes. The plugs may not work for you but heck, it is sure worth the college try.


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              Thank you !

              You all sound so wonderful and supportive. Thank you everyone for your wonderful advice and empathy! I will be following up with all of the advice presented here.

              It sounds like everyone here is struggling with this, I had no idea it was such a big problem, it is life altering, as all of you know, we all have our regrets but here we are and we can only look ahead...

              Does anyone know much about these sceleral lenses? It sounds like they are beneficial in many cases.

              For those of you who have exausted all treatments and are still suffering, please don't lose hope there are new treatments on the to you all....

              I will be praying for all of you...thanks again....


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                Reply to Sazy 123

                Yes, I believe contacts caused my dry eye directly and indirectly. My eyes would feel sore and dry and despite this I kept wearing them, that is when I would develop conjunctivitis. Then I would have to treat the conjunctivitis and I believe the drops would dry them out even more. It was anti-allergy eye drops that I think was the culprit. Everyone please be warned to stay away from these at all does say it is one of the side effects of using the drops...Thanks for your reply.....


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                  Jade 9923

                  Jade 9923 Do you recall how long it took you to notice a difference with punctal plugs?


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                    Thanks for your reply. It is difficult not to self blame.... This disease is debilitating on most days. I have been so depressed and have been having anxiety attacks at work!! I am a nurse and sometimes think I am having more pain than my patients!! Thank you for sharing your story with me. I hope and pray we can all find an answer soon......


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                      I saw no difference at all with just two lowers plugged. Once she plugged my uppers, I had instant tears. I had tears flowing before I left her office that day. I'll never forget that. For me I needed all four plugged to have any tears at all.



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                        We have a lot in common. I have worn contacts since I was 12, I'm 39 now. I have had dry eyes for about 7 yrs, but progressively worse the last year. I also have used allergy eye drops for the last 3 or 4 yrs. I have noticed my dry eyes getting worse. I have been known to sleep in them as well. I came down with an eye infection 3 wks ago and they noticed my corneas were all scratched up. I am not sure if I will be able to wear contacts again. My corneas are not healing after 3 wks. Thanks for your advise about the cod liver oil. I'm going to try that. I am still believing that I can cure myself of my dry eyes. I am so mad at myself for taking my eyes for granted. Remember, things will get better. Good luck & God Bless. ~Bren


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                          Originally posted by emmastone
                          I am getting married in October and want to start a life with my new partner and I am scared I won't be able to enjoy my life!....

                          This mirrors my situation......the girlfriend and I saw each-other for about 2 years, then she moved in to my house, we started to make plans and then within 6 months I developed dry eyes overnight.......and I too began to think my life was ruined. I cried, and I shouted a lot......

                          However, 2 years down the line we've gotten married and life IS enjoyable.......Sure, the dry eyes get in the way, but through perseverance and systematic treatment as well as some small changes to life's routines things DO get better and you do get used to it. The thing to remember is that there is no overnight remedy, it's a case of finding what works for you.

                          See a good eye doc too!



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                            No regrets

                            I have had dry eyes for several years due to wearing contacts I'm sure.
                            I wore glasses for the last two years with the hopes of my dry eye going away and being able to go back to contacts. I tried everthing like everyone else on this site but of course there is no cure. My doctor would not do lasik on me but he suggested PRK or implantable contact lense. I went with PRK and I couldn't be happier after being stuck with glasses. I don't think it made my eyes worse at all. I still have the same exact problems except now I can see without glasses. I have to stick to a strict regimen of Restasis and hot compresses and doxycycline to keep from being in pain.


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                              to jas3256


                              I am so glad to hear that you are glasses free and your surgery was a success. I was wondering were you aqueous defficient or did you have eyelid problems?