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  • Rebecca Petris
    Mathesons have had a good reputation for trying to being helpful with dry eye for a long time. I always remember them as the first ones to import Theratears from the US. Good luck and please let us know how you get on!

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  • mrdibbler
    Uk Dry Eye Specialist

    I have found someone local to me (relatively anyhow).

    This is an optometrist who is a Specialist in Dry-Eye problems.

    He has a few outlets in the South of England in Alresford, Alton, Denmead, Four Marks, Grayshott, Liphook and Petersfield.

    No I am not being paid to plug!

    All the best


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  • IanJ
    Hello Angelo,

    Sorry to hear about your problems, but welcome to these forums and I'm sure you'll find some help here.

    I must say, you are the first person I've come across here or anywhere that's got dry eyes AND occlusions. I have retinal vein occlusions in both eyes as well as dry eyes. For me, the occlusions occured before my dry eyes and resulted in very small blind spots in my vision, my right eye getting the worst of which is very very close to my centre of vision. However, when I started to get dry eyes it only made the appearance of my occlusions worse. Rather like looking through a dirty window at light outside it causes halo's and blurryness around objects....especially right after blinking.

    I presume you are on Aspirin (daily) to reduce the chance of any more occlusions occuring, if not then you should ask about it.

    I only know of David Crystal in Edinburgh, he's an opthalmogist but does specialize in dry eyes and probably knows more on the subject than a lot of doctors.


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  • stella
    Hi Angelo
    Welcome -sorry to hear of all your problems which sound pretty long standing
    You would need a good ophthalmologist to assess or reassess your condition in my opinion
    I too come from GB and we are all looking for a specialist with a particular interest in in occular surface disorders
    Some one else posted asking if there was anyone in the London area
    I suggested they contact Moorefield Eye Hospital in London (probably the largest most well known eye hopital in GB) I would do that myself but i come from Northern Ireland
    I would suggest you do the same - be sure and ask for the name of a consultant ophthalmologist with a special interest in "occular surface disorder"
    It's no use getting someone whose specialitiy is glaucoma like i did
    Good luck and please post to let us all know if you had anyone recommended,they seem to be few and far between

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  • mrdibbler
    started a topic Newbie


    Hi Folks

    My name is Angelo. I live in West Sussex, England. I have had Dry Eye for over fifteen years now. It was initially caused by over-using soft contact lenses with particularly low oxygen permeability and also due to my job at the time as a Computer Programmer working with Geographical Survey Software. The light in their office was so bright (1000 watt strip lamps) it was like being permanently in close encounters! It got so bad (photophobia) I used to have to wear prescription sunglasses to work. My condition started with extreme photophobia and surface tearing, blepharitis but got better as time went on as I dropped using contacts and improved general eye hygene. My right eye suffered a Branch vein retinal occlusion 4 years ago, but recovered 99% with minimal effects such as slightly poor night vision in that eye. Of late my dry eye has gotten worse, especially in my right eye, with really bad pain (not tearing, just ache pain). I also have had Sleep Apnea for a few years and use a CPAP and mask at night - this also makes my dry eye worse. I tried tranquil eyes one night and it really kicked off the eye pain, which I have had for 3-4 days now. I am considering seeing a private dry eye specialist doctor in Britain, but dont know where to find one. Any suggestions?