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    Im 20 years old, and im from The Netherlands. I have worn soft contact lenses for 7 years and the last 1 1/2 year i ordered my lenses from the internet.
    June 1 i felt alot of stings on my eyes and a lot of pressure on my eyes and my eyebrows it hurt real bad and i knew something was wrong. I immediately took out my contactlenses because the pain was real bad. I went to sleep assuming next day it would be over.

    Things didnt go better so i went to my doctor. I asked him to send me to a specialist. I also went to the store and bought myself some glasses.
    18 July i finally went to the specialist, he told me that he saw some dry spots on my eyes and he gave me Hypromellose monofree eyedrops. I had to come back in October.
    3 months past away and things didnt go better. He gave me Zaditen (for my eyelids because they looked irritated its some anti-allergic eyedrop) and Vidisic Carbogel for my dry eyes.
    He also told me to clean my eyelids with cotton sticks twice a day (sorry but i dont no the exact english word).

    I've tried so much things myself, quitted smoking in my room (only smoke outside since August, I really try to quit smoking ), I've bought a bucket that u have to hang on the heater. So the air contains a lot of H2O.

    I have to go back in November... im really strugglin through this. On most days its realling getting me depressed. I just want to share my story to the board. Maybe i can get some advice from other people.

    (If things arent clear just ask me, my english isn't perfect)
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    Sorry to hear about your problem, but the good thing is you found this site. I myself am a newbie, so i cant give much advice, but my experience so far, follow what ever Rebecca & other experts are suggesting, these tried & tested tricks are giving me lot of relief.
    Also you need to find a doctor who knows dry eyes, I myself had to struggle 2 whole yrs., to find a good doctor.
    Since you are in Europe, i feel you can find good doctors, i saw in many posts users referring good dry eye docs in Europe.
    One last suggestion, Keep posting your followups/treatments/Medication changes, that way you can keep getting advice on this forum, I am doing the same for my case.
    I hope things will improve for you pretty soon.



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      Hi EYE,

      yes you should find good doctors in Europe ..i think London has some good ones....the only thing i can say is use Zaditen free preservative in single vials since the bottle contains BAK a very toxic preservative...Good luck