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  • Just diagnosed!


    this is a great site and really informative for newbies. I stumbled across it after searching for information on Lacrilube.

    After seeing a specialist I've been diagnosed with DES and given BionTears 4 x a day and Lacrilube at nights. He suspects my eyes may be partially openwhen I'm asleep. I already have a history with Bion after trying it for a while to alleviate sore, bloodshot eyes. Much like others here, I had been using several different kinds of drops to help over the last year or more that, overall, just made things worse and my eyes, sore and gritty and eyelids inflammed. Visine is the worst - and likely a dirty word on such an educated site as this! I see Lacrilube doesn't rate that highly here either, however I do have a perservative free one that they sell here in Australia.

    I have found using BionTears in the office with bright lights and computers no relief at all. If anyone has a good suggestion, based on their experience in the office, I would be greatful to hear about it!? There is no way my eyes could tolerate those drops 4 times a day.

    To be honest, I feel getting off the cocktail of drops helped with my comfort level , even if my eyes were still red at times. My symptoms are often much improved over the weekends, away from the office, but still inflammed and red first thing in the morning.

    I empathise with a lot stories here. Appologies for this post being a bit long! It's a relief to have a diagnosis at last and hopefully start to do something about it.


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    An alternative to Lacrilube in Australia is Genteal Gel. You will find many people here have tried it and it is part of the staple routine for many of us.

    In Australia there is a generic product available (it is exactly the same as Genteal Gel) and is marketed as HPMC PAA and costs <$10. I used to stock up on it at Costigans (??sp) a discount pharmacy chain when I visit Oz.

    Have a look at the online pharmacies (based in Oz) and you may find a better price.

    If you sleep with your eyes open (lagophthalmos) you could try putting in some Genteal Gel and taping your eyes closed with a medical tape, not a nice option but it may just help.

    Where possible please try for preservative free products (Genteal Gel (and generic)) contain a preservative but it is a safer one than BAK commonly found in Visine products.

    Do a search on this site for BAK. The red eye reducers are also not a good option as they have a rebound effect.

    Hope this helps



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      Thanks for the good tips. I will look into those products.

      Having read a bit more on this site about a lack of humidity causing problems, I've realised that my flare up started a year or so ago around the time I moved apartments. When I think about it, my last place wasn't nearly as dry and I suspect that the humidity level in my new place is quite low.

      Might seem a long bow to draw but I think I will test the humidity here and maybe look at a humidifier at least for my bedroom!