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Astigmatism was the problem

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  • Astigmatism was the problem

    I was born with astigmatism. Our family ophthalmologist said that it was hereditary since my grandmother had one too. I remembered hating my friends for calling me four eyes every time I had my glasses on. So at 18 I tried using contacts. Yeah, it worked for me for sometime. Geez! Those were high maintenance. It would cost me like $200 the most to get a new one like every six months since lenses for astigmatism was specialized. Not only is it expensive, kinda dangerous too! Like if you forget to take it off when you sleep. I hated every time I had to stick my fingers to my eyeballs just to take it out. Then, COMMERCIAL LINK DELETED I happened to read it out of curiosity from a spam. I so hate spam, but I do sound like a spammer right now don’t i? hehe. But I’m not. I’m just trying to spread some info, coz sometimes blessings come in disguise, for me, my blessing came as a spam. Now I don’t have to wear contacts or be called four eyes! I’ve had my lasik for a year now, and it’s just great.
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    Dear whoever you are,

    You have done this twice now on D'Eyealogues and once here. I sure wish you'd quit - it's a nuisance having to delete these types of things over and over. WE DO NOT ACCEPT SPAM FROM/FOR LASIK CLINICS OR ANYONE ELSE. Go away already.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation