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The drops that ruined my life.

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  • The drops that ruined my life.

    I first started using Visine when I was young. It all began when I had been itching my eyes, and they became "red", so I was given some visine. I would come off the drops day after day and my eyes were still red so I would keep taking them for years. I would take them every couple of hours even in school. I had no idea it would affect me this much.

    Now, years later, I havent used Visine, but I am still left with the ugly effects of rebound redness. I know how everyone feels, not wanting to go to work or to school just because someone would point out the fact that your eyes weren't white like theirs. I know what it's like waking up and rushing to the mirror to see if it was a "good day" or a "bad day." I understand what it feels like not being able to look someone in the eyes, and having relationships suffer when you can't look someone in the eyes. It's great to have other people here that understand what it's like to suffer from this. It's also funny to hear other people's experiences with doctors saying "its normal" or "your eyes are just dry"

    Anyways, I don't know what to do now. I don't use any drops now. My eyes aren't as bad, but recently they have been bad. I have to squint in my classes so people can't see the hideous redness. I can't wait for summer to come to New England so I can wear sun glasses. I don't know what to do about my eyes. I have been told Alrex works, but recently I was told that I could possibly have "Blepharitis/MGD", and warned against it. Edit*, dispite how red my eyes are, I would not consider them itchy. They are just red, so I don't know if that throws Blepharitis out.

    I just want my eyes to be white again. I look at other people in the hallways with their white eyes and smiles, and I can't help to feel jealous. And I feel bad about myself that I am complaining about this when I can't even imagine what someone with a disability must go through and feel. I just would like a solution so I am not limited by this. I have been looking for years, and I have gone to different doctors with no help.

    Here are some pictures of my eye taken today, a "bad day",

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. If anyone has any advice or comments, feel free to post, I would appreciate the help!
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    I'm sorry to hear about your discomfort. Have you looked into possible systemic problems?

    I hope that you find some relief!



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      Alexander: You might want to post this in Dr. Latkany's forum. He may have seen this before and have some ideas for how you can deal with it.

      Also, another thought came to mind... you may have allergies that you think are rebound redness from Visine use. It might be worth going to an allergist to rule that possibility in or out. The Visine may have masked an underlying allergy in the past.


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        Originally posted by Terri View Post
        Alexander: You might want to post this in Dr. Latkany's forum. He may have seen this before and have some ideas for how you can deal with it.

        Also, another thought came to mind... you may have allergies that you think are rebound redness from Visine use. It might be worth going to an allergist to rule that possibility in or out. The Visine may have masked an underlying allergy in the past.
        Thanks Terry,
        I started using Visine as I am allergic to pets, but i'd rather get rid of my eyes then my dog, so I used Vise to cover it up. They used to be red whenever I would play with my pets then not shower or wash my hands, but now they are constantly red.
        I go to an allergist a couple times a year, but he just gives me new, different, drugs that don't seem to work.

        I am now looking at the MGD and thinking this could be it. I do have a bit of white/light tan junk on my eye lids. My eyes aren't really too itchy, discomforting, but not really itchy. They only hurt occasionally, but they never really feel right. I have never worn contacts, like many other's here, they became red after using the drops many times a day for years. If only I had stopped after using them once and let the red heal on its own, then I would have perfect white eyes today.

        a picture taken before this post of an example of the junk on my eye/eyelid.

        a macro shot of the bloodvessels.

        My new plan of action is to order some grape seed extract, buy some Omega3/fishoil pills, and practice proper eyelid hygiene nightly.

        Anyone else think this could possibly be Blepharitis/MGD? I have gotten a couple of Private Messages today saying that they believe it is, so I would love any more opinions.



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          Read Dr. Latkany's Dry Eye Remedy. It's for sale on this site. It'll discuss things you can do at home to promote comfort. Your eyes look like they need "the spa" treatment, hot compresses and a good dose of omega 3s. Please read everything you can here. It looks like there's a lot of room for improving your comfort.

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            Alexander...i'm not a doctor but as i'm pretty sure it's mgd that' surely makes red eyes


            you can learn more here......

            good luck


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              From the looks of your close up pictures, there are some definite remedies that you can work on that will eventually clear up your eyes.

              First, all Visine products, in my professional opinion, are not suited for repeated use on your eyes. The active ingredient is always some variant of hydrozaline with acts to constrict your blood vessels. The body has a way of auto-regulating the vasculature and will dilate those same blood vessels in response. This cyclical behavior eventually leads to "rebound redness". I only recommend people use Visine in the dire need of white eyes briefly, such as family photos or a wedding. Plus, some of the preservatives needs to keep the drops fresh in a multi-dose bottle cause a sensitivity reaction for many people.

              Second, the upper and lower eyelids have oil glands located behind your lash line that secrete meibum (oily substance). In a simplistic model, this meibum represents the oily or fatty layer of your tears (outer layer). It helps to stabilize your tears and protect the next layer, which is aqueous (water). If, for whatever reason, these glands get plugged up or become more turbid, there will not be a good oily layer that gets spread over your eye upon eyelid blinking. Therefore, the next layer, which is water for the most part, starts to evaporate when exposed to the air, which in turn send a feed-back signal to the gland to make more tears. This explains why some people can have dry eyes and have a watery, tearing eye. In addition, a poor tear film doesn't protect your cornea (the front of the eye) from invaders such as bacteria. Excess toxins are not flushed away properly, leading to the eye trying to repair itself. When this happens, a low-grade inflammation may occur causing the redness and dilated, tortuous blood vessels. An inflammatory cascade begins all from eyelid disease.

              From the looks of those pictures, you need to start by cleaning your eyelids, daily. Go to the store and get either Ocusoft lid scrubs or SteriLid cleanser. Follow the directions and do this religiously twice per day. Just by doing that alone, you will find it helps. You should also lubricate your eyes with a good artificial tear. I recommend either Optive or Systane every 3 hours while awake, which are both over-the-counter.

              If you follow these directions to the tee for one month and don't see any improvement, then other, prescriptive means can easily be employed.


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                i guess warm compresses + massages to open the glands should be added to this.......for the redness if remains there when you have cleaned everything, steroids and/or restasis might work. just my opinion


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                  healing should follow this noble urge

                  Alexander P - - I salute you and send you the warmest possible thoughts for not giving up your dog, despite a diagnosis of allergies. . .For this demonstration of compassion and commitment, you deserve real healing, and all the support you can get. . .You are already receiving that here, and not only from the animal lovers among us. . .

                  Suggestions posted so far are all critically worth exploring. . .If it turns out that the blood vessel prominences you're having are rosacea-related, there's lots of help for that. . .

                  Have your corneas been forming any extra blood vessels? That could provide additional clues to what process is taking place. . .

                  If you're having tear film instability or corneal issues, along with the redness, please be sure to consider trying Dwelle eyedrops, available from the Shop here. . Nothing remotely like them can be gotten in stores. . .
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                    sure looks like MGD. you can actually see blocked glands.

                    Hope you new regime helps



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                      I am in the same boat

                      I abused Visine and "Clear Eyes" for years. Then, several years ago, I was diagnosed with blepharitis, which is difficult to cure. After doing research on the internet, I have come to believe that I have a form of Ocular Rosacea. I have not been back to an Ophtamologist to discuss this, but I do have visibile blood vessels on the whites of the eye that will not go away. Some days are worse than others. I do take omega 3's, which has helped somewhat, and I rely on lubricating eye-drops. I know how difficult it is to not be able to look people in the eye, because of my self-conciousness over this condition. It certainly affects my social life! I which I could help you more, but at least you know you're not alone with this condition.


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                        Eye Drop Abuse

                        You are not alone my friend. I am 48 and have had red eyes since I was 16, now due to abuse of Clear Eyes - I suffer from extreme gritty dry eye, I am on rhestasis and Liquid gels, etc. I wear tinted glasses to hide my mess. I always believed the root of my cause was bright flouresecent light gases.

                        Some days are bad, some are worse....


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                          @ Alexander: my eye look like yours honestly, they seem even a bit redder...I'm 22, the redness started in my last years at school and accompanies me through my college/university time, it is horrible. I'm also jealous when I look at my friends, I can't go clubbing because I feel so ugly and because my eyes hurt so much at night...I cannot enjoy my life as other do...I could live with the pain the dry eye causes but I cannot love with the redness :-(


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                            Miracle eye drops what a blessing

                            I found a miracle eye drop called Mini Drops Eye Theraphy Non Perservative Free, I have had dry eye for two months and nothinh helped. She lives in another part of Ca, and these drops go first from the shelves before the rest. I buy them at Rite Aid as soon as I see them for they sell fast. Hope this will help. You can order on line. Good LuckMiracle eye drops


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                              You've just been using these for a day or two, right? Good to hear things are going better. Please keep us posted on your progress.
                              Rebecca Petris
                              The Dry Eye Zone


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