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Co-worker got lasik, no numbing drops!

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  • Co-worker got lasik, no numbing drops!

    I can't believe my friend/co-worker got lasik after he's seen/heard all I've been through. He came in to work Monday morning without his glasses looking very pink eyed and told me the news. I was flabergasted!! Then he goes on to tell me that while his consultation was in an upscale building near where we live, the actual surgery center was in a VERY bad area, far away. He told me when he got there they had them in a room like cattle, 70 people!! They had advertised a special for $299. an eye. They give him the valuim, get him in the chair, clamp the eye and begin to cut. And he yelps loudly. The doctor says to the assistant, "Did you give him the numbing drops?" She looks horrified and quick as lightening she drops the drops in his eyes. A few seconds later they are at it again.
    The next day he went back to the doctor, his right eye tested 20/20. In his left eye "he can't see a damn thing", his words not mine. All fuzzy, can barely read the second line on the chart. And get this, he's thrilled so far!!
    I wanted to smack him for doing this to himself when he knows what I've been through but hey, to each his own. At least he KNOWS what he has potentially gotten himself into unlike myself. I am just praying he doesn't get severe dry eyes. But if he does I will know where to send him.
    I was thinking how many people will complicate their lives getting this surgery because of that ridiculously low price. But then again, I paid $5000.00 for some guy to jack me up so maybe price is not a good indicator of outcome.

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    I was thinking how many people will complicate their lives getting this surgery because of that ridiculously low price. But then again, I paid $5000.00 for some guy to jack me up so maybe price is not a good indicator of outcome.
    LasikLady, those of us with "older" lasik know price is not a good indicator of outcome. One never wants to take the cheapest docs, but I paid $4400 for a top surgeon with impeccable reputation in my hometown and it didn't make any difference. Lucy
    Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

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      I'm sorry to hear this. Does he know what's wrong with the left eye - under/overcorrection, edema, other? Don't be surprised at his reaction - euphoria in the first days after surgery is quite normal even if there are problems, because at that point no one conceives that the problems might be other than quite temporary. You might want to suggest he visit D'Eyealogues and ask questions about the vision thing. Personally if I'd gone to a cutrate place and had poor vision in one eye immediately afterwards I'd be getting a second opinion pronto to ensure it's nothing serious.

      I'm shocked at the numbing drop failure. I thought I had heard of every possible problematic scenario in LASIK over the last seven years but that one is new to me.

      Regarding price... ditto what Lucy said.
      Rebecca Petris
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        They told him the bad vision in the left eye was due to swelling. Seems like he doesn't really want to talk to me about his eyes or his outcome now. I tried to remain positive and assuring which is hard for me to do since I think this surgery is the biggest, dumbest risk anyone can take with their healthy eyes.
        But I'm leaving him alone and not asking about his eyes now. I figure if he really does develop dryness or if his sight doesn't improve he will probably come to me and then I will try and help him.


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          left eye

          After my LASIK i couldn't see out of my left eye for a few days, it was all blurrey. Its now my best vision eye 20/20. But it is also my driest eye (2m schmir) and often inflammed. I do get a lot of pain in that eye like a punched feeling. I can remember when the LASIK cut my eye i could feel it and i could also feel the presure of the suction ring. Both my eyes were stained red for 4 weeks after, left eye worse though. People were scared to look at me. I think this contributed to the dry eye as too much suction has been proven to reduce goblet cell density. I do wander if the LASIK cut my eye too deepy in my left eye and may have done some harm but its been 4 years now and havn't lost the vision again yet, apart from some dry eye blur.

          I agree he was unwise to get LASIK, hope his eye recovers.



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