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    ok so yesterday i bought the flax seed oil which is one capsule 3x a i started taking that today and then the theratears is 4 capsules 1x a day. I took them this morning..i almost choked...i had a very hard time getting them down and i drank water but it was like it was stuck in my throat! Does this happen to anyone else?Any tips?

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    Try liquid flax seed oil. It needs to be refrigerated. I much prefer it to swallowing the capsules. One tablespoon equals about 6 of those huge capsules. Taste isn't all that great, but I got used to it. Actually, there isn't much taste. Some people use it for salad dressing...adding spices and all that, of course.
    I also use liquid vitamins. I hate swallowing horse pills.


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      I wish i did that before hand...i just spent 15 dollars on the capsules so now im stuck with them unfortunately....


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        Theratears capsules

        I just started the Theratears capsules last week and they felt like they were only just geting down my throat!! I was wondering if anyone else felt the same. They are $35 NZ here! I must look for that flaxseed oil - I guess it is available in the supermarket? If not I will try the Health Shop.
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          I found my flax seed oil in an organic grocery store (Whole Foods). I haven't seen it in any regular grocery stores though, so a health food store may be a good place to look if you don't have an organic grocery store near by.


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            Flaxseed oil must be refrigerated or it spoils. Usually not in grocery stores.


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              So is it necessary to use the flaxseed oil and the theratears? or can you just use one?


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                Originally posted by Sandra24
                So is it necessary to use the flaxseed oil and the theratears? or can you just use one?

                Each 4 softgels contain 187 IU of Vitamin E, 1000 mg of Flaxseed Oil, 450 mg of EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid from Fish Oil) and 300 mg of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid from Fish Oil). Four softgels provide 30 calories.
                Theratears Nutrition is a popular product. While there are certainly more economical (as well as easier to swallow) ways of getting Omega 3s and/or 6s, there are also certainly some more expensive ones. If I'm not mistaken, TTN is actually among the cheaper of the proprietary nutritionals targeted specifically at the dry eye market.
                Rebecca Petris
                The Dry Eye Zone


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                  Bought a bottle of TheraTears Nutrition from Mathesons yesterday,came today (great service) i have to agree about the capsules being awkward to swallow.They seem huge! When i put the first one in my mouth i was reluctant to swallow! It says take all 3 capsules in one go of a morning on the bottle,is this necessary?I'd sooner if possible spread them out over the day at meal times etc.


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                    I have TT capsules and I take two a day and at separate times. Do I think they help my dry eyes? Not necessarily, but I think they are a good product and I still have a supply. Lucy
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                      Has anyone experienced any side effects from these?Been taking a couple a day for around 2 weeks now but for the last few days i've been constipated.Just wondering if it could be these causing it.Would hate to stop taking them if they do any good.


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