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  • This is reason why you are not getting better

    Hello my name is David, I am 24 and come from Zagreb, Croatia.
    I already made a topic named (My treatmend (must read)) in Triumphs section. (I suggest to read it)
    Where I told that big 3 that helped me was E-ink monitor, autologuous serum 50% and extra virgin cod liver oil accompanied by healthy diet.
    I won't go into detail what I tried, I will only say what I use now.

    So 15 months aggo my condition was 1/10, since I was 20 it only got worse by each month.
    I was one of the worst cases, now I am 7/10, I get better each month and don't think about my eyes anymore nor do I use any drops, not even serum. I did not have only dryness, I had sharp pains, photophobia, I have seen black shadow in right eye and also felt burning eyes. I was awoken 3 times per night for 4 years despite ointments. I do not use even humidifer now during winter, I sleep normal and have only mild dryness when I wake up which goes away after 5 minutes.

    Now this is only what I do:
    I eat every day:
    200g chicken breast or red meat, 1-2 times a week lamb liver 200g (cooked)
    1000g potato with 4g salt. (cooked)
    100g hard cheese
    almonds 50g (grinded for easy digestion)
    indian/brazllian nut 50g (grinded)
    sardines/tuna/mackerel 100g (canned)
    spring water 2liter

    extra virgin cod liver oil 1 teaspoon every other day
    nutritional yeast 1 tablespoon
    Camu camu powder 2 teaspoons through day (vit C powerhouse)
    D3 5000UI with K2 (test your level, try to have it near 100)
    Magnesium Glycinate 4 capsules (pure encapsulations)
    Solgar methylfolate 1 capsule
    Flaxseed (freshly grinded in coffee grinder) 30g with 400g *kefir, honey and 2 cloves of garlic 2 times a week. Only garlic is 2 times a week, flaxseed kefir and honey is everyday and a must.

    *kefir MUST, I repeat, MUST be home made because it has 10x more good bacteria then any supplement in the world.
    Look it up how to made it is very easy.
    +fruit & vegetable in desired amounts but I rarely eat any other things other then mentioned.

    I also clean my eyes with clean cotton cloth which I change each morning, no any other wipes or BS.
    Besides E-ink monitor I also use Yotaphone2

    This diet covers more then 100% of each nutrient, some even 200, 300, 400%. Put this into Cronometer so you will see what I am talking about
    It is easy to follow and not very expensive.
    I find it to be best buy for each nutrient and very easy to digest.


    Now really, and I mean really pay attention to what I will say next. Ok?

    I am 1000% sure you are not AT LEAST 50% better if you tried to make you nutrition near perfect no matter what caused your dry eyes, whether it be LASIK or any other cause.
    Nutrition IS medicine.

    I've read here hundreds of posts of crybabies how they are saying they have it so bad and that they tried EVERYTHING but they really only tried dozens of OTC drops and never changed their diet.
    1 person here even said that she almost laughed in face to doctor when he recommended high does of omega 3 to help her lasik induced dry eyes, that same person probably cries to this day how "nothing helps".
    I've also heard some stories about people who killed themselves or even worse, ACCEPTED they will never get better, I really doubt they did what I did, because most of this stuff I didn't read here.
    You get the point.

    I could write whole day about that how I think most of you have completely wrong approaches to this problem with all those drops, ointments and poisons like restasis and xidra and then wondering how are you not getting better when you really are only treating symptoms and not causes.

    I have so many opinions on various topics regarding treatment of this condition but I won't go into that.
    Every thing I have not mentioned is not worth mentioning. This is my only treatment.
    We could argue that some treatments not mentioned here can help greatly but that would be again only treating symptoms like lipiflow, eye compresses ect.. Of course, there are always some exceptions.

    I will write only 1 more final topic about my treatment and changes I did in 6 months and then I will never come back to this forum but this really should be pretty much all of it, I doubt I will make drastic changes.

    Now I ask you this:
    how bad you want to be cured and what are you ready to do for your health?

    Good luck,
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    Hi David: I am so happy that you have found a solution to your eye problems and thank you for the extensive post on how you did it. I have to say that I do agree that diet plays a big role in overall health. Probably 90% of whatever ails us can be traced back to diet.

    I do however resent you referring to some members as 'crybabies'. These 'crybabies' are people suffering the devastating effects of chronic dry eye regardless of the cause and are telling their stories in an effort to find answers. They are all on their own journey and that needs to be respected, regardless of cause.

    There are many causes of dry eye and not all are curable with diet. Take myself for example. I already practice good diet basics but have Sjogrens syndrome combined with mechanical problems with how the lids close. I have searched for answers on this forum and have taken many suggestions and have arrived at a place where my eyes are finally, for the most part, comfortable. I am not 'cured' because I still have primary Sjogren's syndrome but thanks to this forum I am in a much better place, it has, and will continue to be, a journey.

    I don't disagree with a lot of what you say but I think it was cruel and unreasonable to refer to those seeking answers, (even if it is as simple as diet change), as 'crybabies'.

    Lasik induced dry eye can be particularly devastating as the nerves have been cut which signal the eye to produce lubrication and no amount of Omega 3 will change that. True, if the patient already is exhibiting symptoms of meibomium gland dysfunction oils might help a bit but to say that diet alone is going to correct this problem you are sadly mistaken. Mercifully in many cases these nerves regenerate over time but in some cases they simply do not and no amount of good nutrition is going to change that....these people are desperate.

    Many patients who have LASIK develop symptoms of dryness in the months following surgery even though they had no prior history of dry eye. We believe that many of these patients develop LASIK-induced neurotrophic epithiopathy (LNE) associated with a sensation of dryness of the eyes and the presence of corneal surface irregularities that include PEE and PEK with rose bengal or lissamine green corneal staining. This condition is triggered by the loss of neurotrophic influence for the corneal sensory nerves that are severed during formation of the flap

    I too could go on and on but I think I have made my point.....F/G


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      you resent me? I resent you! for saying " in some cases they simply do not and no amount of good nutrition is going to change that..."
      How DARE you to say that some people can not get better, who are you ( OR ME ) to say so?
      Can you imagine how someone feels reading that statement that he can not ever get better?
      I lost 4 years of my life living in that notorious lie!

      But thankfully, I had my moment of enlightenment 12 months ago when I have been in Dry Eye Clinic in Vienna, Austria, 1 of only few Dry Eye Clinics in Europe. You would think there would work experts in that field, never I have been so wrong.
      Those morons gave me another eye drops, told me to put Tea tree oil on eye lids and to do hot compresses, when I asked them can diet play role in this they said it is not proven. Can you imagine?

      I don't give rats ass about any study or any doctor anymore, every study is very theoretical and this condition is very subject to change in different environment when your body has more or less resources (nutrients) and therefore each major improvement can disregard whole study that is based on theory in the first place.
      The only way we can get better is by giving each other advice what we achieved through trial and error and stop trusting doctors who are influenced by big pharma companies.

      I did not come here to argue, I came here to say what will help everyone and I will repeat:
      I am 1000% sure you will be at least 50% better if you do what I did (e-ink, serum, cod liver, nutrition, home made kefir) NO MATTER of what your cause! The healing principal for every disease/damage is always the same whether you are vegeterian or on ketogenic diet.
      If 80% of immune system is located in gut, and home made Kefir is known to be best probiotic in the world, in all honesty, how much people do you think are consuming it? Do you?
      Serum healed my cornea so much that even when I still haven't had any tears, blinking didn't hurt at all anymore.
      You, again are underestimating the power of it and you obviously did not use it. I could even go for 100% concentration but this was more then enough...

      I won't waste my time anymore because my work is not finished and I still want to improve this as fast as possible for me and for everyone else.
      Efficiency is the key and we must attack this aggressively the right way.



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        I'm sorry I thought that I said I agree diet plays a big role in overall health that isn't a theory it is a well known fact.

        ​​Since you asked, I don't eat kefir I prefer to get my probiotics from kombucha tea which I ferment and have bee drinking daily for years. I like it best with ginger in it. On top of that I take bovine colostrum, which is known to heal leaky gut, daily
        I have also used serum drops for about 4 years (50%). They help keep my corneas healthy.

        I don't take cod liver oil I think PRN oils or YES Parent Oils are better. I don't eat perfect but I eat well.

        Sadly if nerves are severed no amount of good nutrition will change the outcome, sometimes they regenerate, sometimes they don't, just ask any paraplegic.

        I applaud you for thinking outside of the box and finding your solution. Thanks for sharing.


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          regarding PRN, Extra virgin cod liver oil is better because it contains high dose of vitamin A which is not found in fish oil. I tried fish oil before cod liver and I did not noticed visible improvement. After taking cod liver I felt 30% improvement over the night literally but that could be just me. Anyways, you won't find almost anywhere vit A in retinol form except if you eat animal liver or butter in high doses which I doubt you do, and retinol is strongly linked with ocular dryness and night blindness so that is a must on almost daily basis. Another reason PRN can not be better then extra virgin COD liver oil is the reason that COD liver is as I said, extra virgin, that means it's cold pressed and processed, completely raw so they are at least the same quality in terms of omega 3.
          And about YES parent oil haha I had a good laugh. "Parent oil", the marketing is strong in this one. Want a pure non processed omega 6? Eat nuts, there, problem solved.

          Regarding "damaged nerves", you can not throw people with dry eyes and paraplegics into same basket.
          Your eyes might still by very dry, but from high concentrated serum and good nutrition, ocular surface will regenerate at such a fast rate that blinking won't hurt anymore, you won't have burning feeling or grittiness.
          It will be like scratching some spot for the very first time and not cumulative scratching which in time damages your cornea and sometimes results in corneal ulcers. Nutrition dramatically improves wound healing.


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            Originally posted by Gates View Post
            Regarding "damaged nerves", you can not throw people with dry eyes and paraplegics into same basket.
            A severed nerve is a severed nerve be it in a spinal column or an eye. Sometimes it regenerates, sometimes it doesn't. These people are not 'crybabies' they are suffering the results of severed nerves that did not regenerate.


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              Who cares about damn nerve, we are talking about eye surface=cornea and the pain people are experiencing from lack of tears which results in "burning" feeling and dryness/grittiness. That means cornea with each blink is becoming damaged and irritated and thus you have feelings mentioned above.
              Eye CORNEA is important, eye CORNEA.
              Sigh. I'll give you an example and this is my last reply:
              The more you scratch the same spot the more it hurts each time you scratch it again, right?
              If you speed up wound healing the each scratch will hurt like the first time you scratched it and the pain might be negligible. Ideally if you heal cornea faster then it gets damaged from lack of tears and blinking, then you are starting to break vicious cycle of inflammation and dryness and might even get more tears in that regard.


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                Originally posted by Gates View Post
                Who cares about damn nerve
                Quote: "LASIK causes some nerves in the cornea to be cut, which reduces corneal sensitivity to some degree. In response, you eye may not sense the need for lubrication, causing your body to produce fewer tears, leading to dry eye syndrome."

                We all know how dry eye affects the cornea, we don't need a lesson on how that works. I will say it again and sigh....this is my last reply:

                Those 'crybabies' whose eyes are permanently dry because of Lasik care a lot about the 'damn nerve' and they come to this forum looking for answers. Perhaps diet is part of what they add to their regime, perhaps it is moisture chamber glasses or plugs or restasis, hopefully in time they all find their own answers but I still take exception to you calling any one of us 'crybabies' whatever the cause of our dry eye and however wrong our approach.


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                  GATES: If you want to retain your posting privileges, you can start behaving with courtesy to others in this forum right now.
                  Rebecca Petris
                  The Dry Eye Foundation


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                    Originally posted by Gates View Post
                    I did not come here to argue, I came here to say what will help everyone and I will repeat:
                    I am 1000% sure you will be at least 50% better if you do what I did
                    Unfortunately that's really not better than arguing (or belittling people). You cannot know what will or what will not help another person.

                    Please, you are welcome to share what has worked for you, we all appreciate it, but making dogmatic pronouncements about other people's health... not.
                    Rebecca Petris
                    The Dry Eye Foundation


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                      (hi everybody by the way. gosh I haven't been here in ages. Somebody flagged this post so I jumped in. Slowly working my way out of a bottomless pit of work!)
                      Rebecca Petris
                      The Dry Eye Foundation


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                        Gates Hey Gates I write I private massage to you


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                          The one question I don't see anyone asking is... E-INK MONITOR?? As far as I know, there's only been one company even trying to produce one seriously (DASUNG), and I paid $1000 for their prototype and to support their further research. The product that they gave me is so flawed, it is completely unusable.

                          What kind of E-INK MONITOR do you have David?


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                            I’d just like to add that people with opinions like yours are the reason people often discount and dismiss younger individuals as being less intelligent or capable than older ones.

                            You really have no idea what you are talking about. Sjögren’s syndrome is a serious autoimmune condition that so far has no cure. You wouldn’t tell someone with MS or cancer to eat more chicken.

                            Your lack of understanding and sympathy is astounding. I really do hope you lose your posting privileges. I firmly believe you should be removed from this forum since it is meant to help patients and share knowledge.


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                              Gates. You are coming off EXTREMELY OBNOXIOUS, what works for you doesnt work for everyone else. Diet changes may or may not help some. I myself have went through many fish oils, drops, gels, punctual plugs, warm compress, and MANY months of depression. I nearly died last year because of how horrible my depression got, I hope you NEVER reach this! It's so horrible. That's all I have to say.