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    I just came here to say that I found out even better diet that is 10x easier to follow and I am doing 30% better, I consider my self cured after 7 years of suffering in total.
    I am sorry that this turned into heated discussion and reading back my post I see that I had somewhat arrogant attitude, sorry for that.
    But keep in mind that I really only came here to help and not hurt anyone.
    Now I will say how I eat and that my eyes have never felt better.
    I know it will sound lame but I swear to God I eat like that every day and my eyes are even better, I will post my new story in triumphs but also keep it short here my new diet:
    150g Oat flakes in morning, 1 teaspoon of Extra virgin COD liver oil by Rosita
    900g peeled normal potato with 3 spoon of Extra virgin coconut oil
    100g brown rice with 1 spoon of extra virgin coconut oil

    +no more any kind of dairy, no more any kind of supplements (only made things worse)

    My eyes are so good that I don't need even special E-ink monitor, I am typing this now on regular laptop after staring 8 hours at computer screen today without any problem.
    Reason why I think I am better even more is because ever since the only source of fat I am ingesting is coconut oil is because for first 5 days every morning I had to spit yellow mucus from throat. Coconut oil is anti bacterial and I think it dissinfected my body from inside, also it probably came to meiboiman glands above the eyes and because of dryness maybe I had some sort of bacterial infection there aswell.
    Anyways I will post this in triumphs and some other place as a complete final version of my journey after battle of 7 years, not being able to stare at computer for 5 minutes to complete recovery and finishing college, hoping to work as a programmer by the end of the year.
    Try exactly the same what I have tried for 1 month, and I promise you will get much better.
    Good luck.


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      Three letters... AIP. Autoimmune protocol.
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