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2 months+ of significant improvement

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  • 2 months+ of significant improvement

    For me, the following combination of supplements has produced a significant, stable improvement:

    1) BioAstin Astaxanthin 4mg once daily
    2) HydroEye (2 capsules twice daily)
    3) Q-Gel® 200mg Double Strength Hydrosoluble™ CoQ10 (once daily)

    All taken with food. Most of it taken with breakfast, with second dose of HydroEye during dinner.

    The less expensive CoQ10 option also works: Nature's Bounty CoQ-10 200mg (Q-Sorb). Effect is lesser, but still sufficient.

    Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 may not work. Kirkland CoQ10 (ubiquinone version) 300mg also doesn't work well.

    This combination only took me over a decade to figure out. Usually the effects of my findings would disappear after 1-2 weeks at the longest. This formula is the longest-lasting thus far.

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    Hey jack can I ask you what was your diagnose? Dry eye with mgd and blepharitis ?

    2 you never used things like restasis or xidra ? Or standard drops ?

    3 are you following a specific diet or just taking this supplement and eat what you want ?

    4 did you find this by yourself or what ? I mean have you try others supplements ? Thanks .


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        hallo please help me. my problem is chronic red eye. i make all restasis lipiflow amniotic membrane but my eyes are severe red eyes. i try one bottle to bioastin and i think my eye are a bit bit better but i dont sure.
        i had read your post 2 months of significant improvement.
        please explain better your improvement. your problem is red eyes or dry eye? please help me im desperate.
        sorry for my english reply soon


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          Huh? My problem is severe chronic dry eye syndrome. I don't remember what my Schirmer scores were because I abandoned the useless doctors over decade ago. This combination of supplements is result of a lot of research and thousands of dollars spent on trial and error. My condition is too severe to be helped with eyedrops. I wear goggles when using computers, and can't be near LCD/LED monitors. Restasis made my eye muscles spasm, I don't use that crap. I'm not on any specific diet.


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            i take only BioAstin Astaxanthin 12mg once daily.
            with food .
            My eyes are a bit better .A bit less redness
            maybe your combination its the best i dont know


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              1 Jack how long you was on this before you see an actualy improvement? I mean it was immediately or it take weeks to kick in ?

              2 do you think if I add also omega 3 ( 3600 mg daily - 1000 EPA - 750 DHA daily ) It will be bad for the other combination or it doesn’t matters at all if I ADD other supplement?

              3 same with question 2 but with vitamins d3 (5000ui) + vitamin k2 600 mcg

              4 you don’t know if you had blepharitis or something like MGD , but usually they go hand in hand with dry eyes , so I guess you had just blurry vision and some burn ?? Thanks
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                Swanson, the online supplement company, has a house brand of the Q-gel CoQ10. Whether or not it is as good as the brand name I can't say, but it is a lot cheaper. Swanson has a good reputation.