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2 months+ of significant improvement

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  • 2 months+ of significant improvement

    For me, the following combination of supplements has produced a significant, stable improvement:

    1) BioAstin Astaxanthin 4mg once daily
    2) HydroEye (2 capsules twice daily)
    3) Q-Gel® 200mg Double Strength Hydrosoluble™ CoQ10 (once daily)

    All taken with food. Most of it taken with breakfast, with second dose of HydroEye during dinner.

    The less expensive CoQ10 option also works: Nature's Bounty CoQ-10 200mg (Q-Sorb). Effect is lesser, but still sufficient.

    Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 may not work. Kirkland CoQ10 (ubiquinone version) 300mg also doesn't work well.

    This combination only took me over a decade to figure out. Usually the effects of my findings would disappear after 1-2 weeks at the longest. This formula is the longest-lasting thus far.

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    Hey jack can I ask you what was your diagnose? Dry eye with mgd and blepharitis ?

    2 you never used things like restasis or xidra ? Or standard drops ?

    3 are you following a specific diet or just taking this supplement and eat what you want ?

    4 did you find this by yourself or what ? I mean have you try others supplements ? Thanks .


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        hallo please help me. my problem is chronic red eye. i make all restasis lipiflow amniotic membrane but my eyes are severe red eyes. i try one bottle to bioastin and i think my eye are a bit bit better but i dont sure.
        i had read your post 2 months of significant improvement.
        please explain better your improvement. your problem is red eyes or dry eye? please help me im desperate.
        sorry for my english reply soon


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          Huh? My problem is severe chronic dry eye syndrome. I don't remember what my Schirmer scores were because I abandoned the useless doctors over decade ago. This combination of supplements is result of a lot of research and thousands of dollars spent on trial and error. My condition is too severe to be helped with eyedrops. I wear goggles when using computers, and can't be near LCD/LED monitors. Restasis made my eye muscles spasm, I don't use that crap. I'm not on any specific diet.


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            i take only BioAstin Astaxanthin 12mg once daily.
            with food .
            My eyes are a bit better .A bit less redness
            maybe your combination its the best i dont know


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              1 Jack how long you was on this before you see an actualy improvement? I mean it was immediately or it take weeks to kick in ?

              2 do you think if I add also omega 3 ( 3600 mg daily - 1000 EPA - 750 DHA daily ) It will be bad for the other combination or it doesn’t matters at all if I ADD other supplement?

              3 same with question 2 but with vitamins d3 (5000ui) + vitamin k2 600 mcg

              4 you don’t know if you had blepharitis or something like MGD , but usually they go hand in hand with dry eyes , so I guess you had just blurry vision and some burn ?? Thanks
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                Swanson, the online supplement company, has a house brand of the Q-gel CoQ10. Whether or not it is as good as the brand name I can't say, but it is a lot cheaper. Swanson has a good reputation.


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                  Italyboy It's hard to say because I didn't just start taking all 3 supplements at the same time. I've been taking different parts of this formula on and off for a long time. HydroEye I've been taking for years already. When I go off HydroEye, things get significantly worse.

                  westsnoop I believe there's a high chance that Swanson uses the same formula as the "brand". Typical ubiquinone is mixed with soybean oil, and is only fat-soluble. That formula originated at Tishcon corporation and is both fat- and hydro-soluble, which matches the claim on the Swanson box.

                  Keep in mind that I'm 6"1 225lbs, and 200mg of Ubiquinone for me may equal 100mg for you...


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                    Thanks for sharing. I tried this combo for a few weeks and I experienced bleeding while using the restroom. The combined capsules have something like 300% of your daily Vitamin E dose (Vitamin E is a known blood thinner). I stopped for now but I might ask a functional medicine doc about what combination of CoQ10 and Astaxanthin might work for me, a smaller dose may be appropriate. I've tried HydroEye / BioTears and I do think they help.


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                      @diydry: Actually the dosage is 191% of daily recommended dose of Vitamin E, as it ends up being 42 IU. According to studies I've seen, the hint of first negative effects might start at 150 IU per day, which is 3.5 times that.. I highly doubt Vitamin E alone thinned your blood so much. Chances are, you're already taking 3-4 grams of Fish Oil or are on Warfarin or Eliquis, at which point the Vitamin E might've simply been the straw that broke the camel's back.


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                        Thanks for this. Ok, I may consider reintroducing the astaxanthan or CoQ10 slowly. I was taking 2g flaxseed oil already with the HydroEye which may have had a blood thinning effect in aggregate. I’d be interested to hear if this combo is still helping you. Cheers.


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                          I stopped using it for a while because I couldn't afford the expensive Q-Gel CoQ10. Effects from Q-Sorb CoQ10 were far smaller than I initially experienced, compared to Q-Gel. Now I have a job, so I went back to the ideal regimen and it does make a big difference. There are sometimes other reasons for my interruption of CoQ10, and that is that it can give me a cold. Hope this doesn't happen again. Had the same effect with Taurine (getting a cold).


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                            Anyone know where to buy HydroEye online in Canada? The one sold on doesn't ship to Canada.


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                              I don't know. You could try BioTears to see if that ships to Canada. I believe they are closely related products.