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    Hi Miche84

    I gladly answer your question. I use the spay in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. I spray the liquid about 4 times onto a cotton pad and then wipe along the eyelash line several times with my eyes closed. Iíve tried using a q tip sprayed with Natrasan and wiping along the eyelid margins but found that very uncomfortable. I think when choosing a product it is important to bear in mind that only Avenova and Natrasan First Aid spray do not contain preservatives. Also, there is an issue with how long the spays stay effective. The effectiveness of Natasan has been certified for a period exceeding one year. Though, I have not heard of HyClear until now, and do not know if it contains a preservative. Hope that is useful.


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      Hi hannsho,
      Thanks so much for your detailed reply! HyClear is quite new and only available through optometerists offices. My eye doc said its a super pure and stable form of hypochlorus acid and the only other ingredient is saline, so its preservative free too! Though if it doesnt clear things up soon, perhaps I'll try Natasan. I hadn't heard of that one until I read your post.

      Do you do other home care therapies to help alleviate your sings and symptoms? Interestingly, my eyelid margins themselves always look pretty darn good with very little redness .My issue is a lot of redness on the backside of my lower eye lids. Have you dealt with this and has the HOCL helped with this for you? Other than that my main and very maddening symptom is chronic itching!

      oh and one other question: I've always wondered how hypochlorus acid products can help with MGD/blepharitis when it is usually applied to the closed eye....doesn't that prevent the product from getting onto the openings of the meibomian glands? And furthermore....what about beyond the surface/openings of the glands but further down into the glands? I am so happy to hear this Natrasan has worked for you and others, but I've always wondered how spraying just on the surface of closed eyes gets the acid where it needs to go....I'd love to hear your thoughts on this...THanks!

      EDIT: I just found out that HyClear has sodium hypochlorite. I'm surprised my doctor recommended it. Is there confirmed evidence of sodium hypochlorite in lid sprays being bad for the eyes? I will be stopping that promptly and getting Heyedrate again (which I think is the closest to Natrasan and Avenova).
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        Hi Miche84,

        Regarding your question if I used any homecare methods to treat my eye condition, yes, I used the eye compress 'Eye Bag' on a daily basis. However, I stopped doing this since I felt it was no longer necessary or useful. One of the major problems with MGD are bacteria that feed on the deteriorated meibum that concentrates on your eyelid margins. When you wipe a cotton pad sprayed with HOCL (Natrasan) along the eyelash-line, this seems to be enough to eliminate the excess bacteria on the eyelid margins. This appears to be the primary curative action of HOCL (though not the only one). One of my major problems was also redness of the interior of my lower eyelids. This redness is now considerably less. The improvement probably occurred when used Restasis, but that improvement has been maintained with the help of Natrasan. As regards how HOCL could improvement of the redness on the inside of eye lids, I think what Dr. Arthur B Epstien said offers a possible explanation "as the meibum becomes thicker and saturated it promotes increases in bacteria on the eye lid leading to overpopulation. Bacteria produce a number of inflammatory proteins to combat each other, which can inflame the host tissue" (i.e. eye lids.) The itching of my eyelids has almost completely stopped, and I hope that Natrasan will at least bring you relief from this annoying problem. Good luck!
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          Pull your lower lid down and make sure to get the lower lash line. Just closing your eyes and rubbing across will only really clean the top lid. After you do that, pull the lower lid down off the eyeball. And go across that lower lash line a few times. Youíll notice even more benefit.


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            Will this product work?


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              Hi Raven93
              No, I'm sorry this product is not at all suitable. I think it would be quite dangerous to get this anywhere near your eyes!


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