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Chronic Dry Eyes/Keratoconus from Melbourne, Australia

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  • Chronic Dry Eyes/Keratoconus from Melbourne, Australia

    Hey everyone my name is Matt and I'm 23 originally from Melbourne, Australia (currently in Clifton Springs, near Geelong but not permanent)

    About 3 years ago while in my second semester of Sports Journalism at Uni I noticed all of a sudden I couldn't tolerate or see clearly when on a CPU. My vision was distorted with ghosting and my eyes would dry out rapidly. After trying to fight it for a while I ended up seeing an optometrist who diagnosed my with mild Keratoconus, more prevalent at the bottom of both eyes. He believed as my case was mild that glasses should help me cope. While the 1st few eye tests went well and I got some glasses, very soon after the script was basically useless and the dry eyes were worse than ever.

    I've been seeing Vision Eye Institute as well as other specialised people around Melbourne without even coming close to a result. Many say I need contact lenses to help the Keratoconus but thats not the real issue, the dry eyes is what has halted my life atm. Contacts or glasses are not an option with how easily my eyes dry out.

    At night things are worse, really limiting my social life and leaving me quite isolated at an age I should be having much more fun than I am. I can only work 2 half days a week and have lost my Sports Journalism spot due to how long I had to defer.

    Computers and Videogames seemed to dry out the eyes the most but now at this stage basically having your eyes open leads to severe dryness. Ive suffered from Chronic Fatigue in the past but cant tell where that is at as the tiredness is always felt with my eyes. Also have back issue that limit my exercise alot, does exercise or lack of play a factor?

    So far I've tried hard contacts, soft contacts and hybrids to no avail and wasted money on two sets of glasses as nobody seems to have a clue to stop the dry eye and move right to the Kerataconus.

    Here is a long list of what I use and have tried in regards to my dry eyes...
    - Punctal Plugs permanently in both eyes, bottom level
    - Currently using: Systane Gel Drops (started last week, distort vision quite badly), Optrex ActiMist 2in1 Spray, TheraTears Lubricant Eye Drops and GenTeal nightime Gel.
    Currently trying Optrex Eye Wash & Eye Bath morning and night. Would apply drops in over 15 times a day just to try and cope, also when home every 2 hours hot water on a towel and press against eyes for 30secs-1min.
    -In past have use Systane normal, BionTears eye drops, Hylo-Forte eye drops, TearsAgain Spray, Lacrilube and Vita-Pos nightime eye ointment

    As my conditions have worsened I've develped Depression, something I've never had untill my eye issues. I've struggled with Anxiety issues for a long time and for them and now the depression 1st I was taking Lexapro (Escitalopram) which cause my eyes to dry out even worse even though it improved my moods. I was told to then try a Citalopram tablet which ended up being Celapram at the smallest dosage and immediately after taking I noticed my dry eye symptoms getting worse.

    It seems tablets of the SSRI family all seem to have this side-effect, does anyone have stories or suggestions of tablets to use when dealing with depression/anxiety that wont dry out eyes?

    As you can see I've gone through the ringer in terms of treatment and am at my wits end with no real answers in sight. I'm mostly housebound, depressed and anxious for what my future holds. I know there is no cure for my ailments but I would just like to make some steps forward so I can live my life.

    Thanks for reading,

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    Any help guys, really at my wits end


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      Hi Matt, a new product that has come out called Regener Eyes might help. It is actually made with placenta from new borns. It is supoose to regenerate the tissues and the cells in the eye. I will warn you though it s not cheap but worth it if it helps. Look it up on the internet so you can get information about it. Good luck and let me know how it went.


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