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  • Good DryEye Clinics in India

    Hi All,

    Creating this post to find good clinics in India where one can go for a proper diagnosis and treatment.
    In my experience, Narayana Netralaya at Bangalore & L.V. Prasad Hyderabad are clinics who understand this disease to a good extent. I have had good experience with...
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  • Filamentary Keratopathy and n-acetylcysteine drops

    Hi all, long time Sjögren’s Syndrome with severe dry and inflammed eyes. Lacriserts worked well for me for several decades but now impossible to get so switched to autologous serum drops. Two months in with the serum drops and it seems they are not working for me as now diagnosed with Filamentary...
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  • Does anyone have light streaks while blinking?


    I'm an 18 years old woman, who, since half a year ago, began seeing light streaks radiating from any kind of light, be it lamps, on my phone, computer, sun reflection on cars or objects, like say a white chair etc... The thing is, these things only appear when my eyes are "half-closed",...
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  • Teenage Regrets
    started a topic New here

    New here

    Hello everyone, I'm also experiencing DED and i have no proper diagnosis for the lack of dry eye clinics here in the Philippines. I'm only using eye drops for relief. I'm only turning 18 this September 4 and it's kinda hard to me to not regret what i did. Been too addicted to using phone to read novels...
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  • Dry eye treatment in India

    Can you suggest which is the best place for dry eye treatment in India? How is Lvpei Hyderabad and how is Narayana Nethralaya Bangalore? Please share your experiences if anyone is from India. Thanks!
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  • dryeyeindia
    started a topic Meibomian gland dysfunction

    Meibomian gland dysfunction

    I have lipid layer thickness 23nm in one one eye and 27nn in another... Is it possible to increase LLT?
    Is there anyone who could improve their LLT from such a low level?
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  • Hi - Dreye! Inquiry about PRP injections / Stem Cell / Blood

    Greetings to everyone,

    I'm Chris, I live in the U.K. and for the last year and a half I've been suffering from DED due to severe MGD. When I initially had DED symptoms, I went to the local Specsavers in Coventry for an eye test and they told me that "it is just an eye strain"...
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  • Dont know what to do anymore

    So for a while I've been lying awake at night searching the forums for answers to my issue. I'm sick of being constantly plagued by this issue, I'm tired, throwing up and not even wanting to get out of bed. I'm still doing some sort of routine ketofall... fish oil.... warm compress or cold depends......
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  • Nick1989
    started a topic Sudden problems with eyes

    Sudden problems with eyes


    I found this forum in search of a solution to my eye problems. I have searched endlessly on google to find a solution. now i'm trying in here hoping someone has experienced something similar and found a solution or diagnosis.
    I have had problems with my eyes for 5
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Vitamin C

    Vitamin C

    Does anyone know if this, helps allergies I've had one person on Facebook dry eye say it helps by becoming an antihistamine at certain amounts? I recently tried optirivine I think it's called has a decogestion and antihistamine within it, but woke up the next day with one eye more blood shot red than...
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  • Solar_dry
    started a topic Solar eclipse dry eyes

    Solar eclipse dry eyes

    August 21 2017 I watched the solar eclipse with those protective glasses for about 8 seconds and immediately started having dry eye symptoms. I had never had dry eye before. Went to multiple eye doctors who said I indeed had dry eye but nothing seemed to be damaged from the sun( no cornea or retina...
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  • Body becoming immune to allergy drops?

    Back to ask a question or two. For people who suffer with eye allergies with dry eye, have you experienced that the allergy drops stop working after a while? I've had it happen with catacrom and now ketofall. I'm going to pick up some allergy drops at boots soon and contacted an allergy centre about...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Dreams?


    Has anyone had dreams of getting better and then waking up to reality? I've only woken up and its 4am drinking orange juice. Just woken up from a lovely dream of having no dry eye and finishing university but not sure what brought it on. Just curious if anyone has dreams of this happening to them?
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  • Ewa
    started a topic Things that help me for my dry eyes

    Things that help me for my dry eyes

    I'm Ewa and I'm 36. And according to my eye doctor I have mild to moderate dry eye syndrome.
    I want to share with you my way to deal with this problem.

    I used 3 different eye drops at once time. A few months ago they helped me, but this time - not so much.
    After reading...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic 3rd IPL

    3rd IPL

    Been a while, just thought I'd post. 3rd IPL has worked extremely well, so recently had it on Friday of last week. All of my oil glands are producing nice oil, no blockage or bad oil. It's going how it should be. I asked about relief and i was told I should get some as the weeks go in (assuming itll...
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