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Hi - Dreye! Inquiry about PRP injections / Stem Cell / Blood

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  • Hi - Dreye! Inquiry about PRP injections / Stem Cell / Blood

    Greetings to everyone,

    I'm Chris, I live in the U.K. and for the last year and a half I've been suffering from DED due to severe MGD. When I initially had DED symptoms, I went to the local Specsavers in Coventry for an eye test and they told me that "it is just an eye strain" and that I should just put in some drops and look away every 20 minutes. Unfortunately, this left my MGD untreated and it progressed significantly.

    I have 4th degree of atrophy on my lower glands, my upper ones are a bit better, but still not great.

    I've completed a cycle fo IPL treatments, using steroid drops currently, along with compresses, drops, ointments, etc.

    I have been considering doing probing with PRP injection or even stem cells or cord blood serum. Has anyone had any significant results with those?

    Thank you!

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    Dr Sandra Cremers has been doing small scale trials, and from what I heard, results are very promising (glands which were previously thought to be dead, end up lighting up). You can schedule a virtual consult w/ her to know more. Please share any information you learn!


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      I've already had a virtual consultation w/ Dr. Cremers. What I was told sounds indeed very promising, espcially for my degree of atrophy it sounds like a miracle!

      I'm located in the U.K. and I'm trying to sort out my visa and travel to the U.S. sometime next year to undergo those treatments.

      I'm very anxious about the results, as my future depends on those treatments.


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        Hi! Welcome to the forum. I'm also new here. I hope you will get valuable tips here and find a lot of interesting information!
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