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  • Treating paediatric dry eye - WSPOS webinar

    World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (WSPOS) webinar on Ocular Surface Disease, 23 January 2021 (YouTube)

    'Children of all ages get dry eyes. A first sign can often be photophobia which has gone on for years.' (slides of lesions,...
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  • Aster
    started a topic Lipiflow with inflammation?

    Lipiflow with inflammation?

    Can I do Lipiflow if I have chronic inflammation?

    I have SLK which, I think, was induced by my dry eyes caused by MGD.

    I'm in constant pain, I'm really hoping for some help.
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  • Hi - Dreye! Inquiry about PRP injections / Stem Cell / Blood

    Greetings to everyone,

    I'm Chris, I live in the U.K. and for the last year and a half I've been suffering from DED due to severe MGD. When I initially had DED symptoms, I went to the local Specsavers in Coventry for an eye test and they told me that "it is just an eye strain"...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic On steroid for allergies

    On steroid for allergies

    It's been another long while since I last posted. I did IPL last year to just have 7 seconds again, which is better than when I started. I've just kept up with omega eye fish oil, optimel, warm compress now and again and ketofall (ketoifien). I've been at university but it hasnt gone well and I'm due...
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  • valleygirl1961
    started a topic IPL Testimonial

    IPL Testimonial

    I have MGD and Ocular Rosacea. IPL worked for me after ONE treatment. But sometimes it takes several treatments. Here's an interesting video:

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  • Nevil
    started a topic Warm Compress Microwave timing

    Warm Compress Microwave timing

    Hi All,

    I have been using Thermalon Warm Compress for managing my MGD for past few months, however i feel that the compress looses its heat just after 2-3 minutes. I do feel slightly better afterwards, but i think 2-3 minutes is not at all enough. I currently keep them in microwave for...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic 2nd IPL

    2nd IPL

    So, today i had recieved my 2nd IPL... knew what to do, and it went rather quick, I had asked about my oil glands only a few blocked and i asked about my oil seen a video most were producing nice clear oil, and maybe a few were producing granular oil, my left eye is better than my right. I asked if...
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  • SAAG
    started a topic Blephasteam Goggle Review (for MGD)

    Blephasteam Goggle Review (for MGD)

    First, this product isn't going to be a miracle cure. But I do think of them as a massive upgrade to the typical warm compress.

    Advantages of Blephasteam over other DIY options for heating the MG's:

    1. It maintains constant heat so you get the maximum possible benefit from...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic First IPL

    First IPL

    Went to my appointment discussed about how i may need to rearrange next appointment due to work, but got told it's okay to rearrange if needed for IPL as work comes first. So it was werid i flinched the first 5 hits of IPL on my right eye but didn't flinch much on my left eye. I have grade 2 mgd, and...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic first IPL tommorow

    first IPL tommorow

    Slightly nervous for IPL, as i dont know what of to expect when getting the treatment (mainly the application of the IPL and what ill feel?). I'll post more tommorow with details about my glands/production/volume etc... just hoping adding IPL to my list of treatments ive tried will push me a bit futher!...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic First IPL booked for next week

    First IPL booked for next week

    I'm excited, and nervous as this is another thing ill be trying out. Currently on a new allergy drop and will take a month to help only been on it for 6 days so far. But as of next week: I have my first IPL session, first part of it is remeasuring my tear evaporation, volume, and looking at my meibomian...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Finally can try IPL

    Finally can try IPL

    Emailed my optician about when is the earliest I can get IPL, no responce as of yet but I also asked if allergies would lessen effect of IPL as I'm not sure if my new allergy eye drops (ketofall) are helping. It seems that once allergy is under control and still using fish oil im just a bit off what...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Anyone had success with IPL?

    Anyone had success with IPL?

    I'm just curious to who has had some success with IPL? As im going to try it soon enough when i get enough money, just wondering has ipl helped you? Does anyone know, if allergies would counter IPL's effects of helping the oil glands work better? I'm a bit nervous to go for it, but i have half the funds...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Life's not going great

    Life's not going great

    So. I was suppose to start training for a new job and ice been told so many different days and never got a definite date... so freaking about money as my esa assessment is due. I dont mind a job its just; i want to get enough for IPL which would be 450, and then maintenence. My relationship isnt working...
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  • New allergy drop / ever possible for relief?

    So, optremist had to write a new letter to my gp for the new allergy eye drop, my worry will i know it works properly? For months catacrom worked, because my last appointment in may everything seemed to cool down with allergies. But, now im slightly worried because, my tbut was 7/8 thats with...
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