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Body becoming immune to allergy drops?

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  • Body becoming immune to allergy drops?

    Back to ask a question or two. For people who suffer with eye allergies with dry eye, have you experienced that the allergy drops stop working after a while? I've had it happen with catacrom and now ketofall. I'm going to pick up some allergy drops at boots soon and contacted an allergy centre about what I can do. Its year round due to whatever the allergy is. Would moisture chamber help? Or would immune shot for allergy help since its present almost always? Bit fed up with the whole allergy issue I know it might be easier for me if I didnt have allergys and it was just mgd and dry eye then the inflammation might be easier to hit. Havent heard from eye hospital at all. Going back up soon so no time for an eye appointment.

    Anyone else have any other options I can do for allergies?