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Solar eclipse dry eyes

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  • Solar eclipse dry eyes

    August 21 2017 I watched the solar eclipse with those protective glasses for about 8 seconds and immediately started having dry eye symptoms. I had never had dry eye before. Went to multiple eye doctors who said I indeed had dry eye but nothing seemed to be damaged from the sun( no cornea or retina damage) I was 1 month postpartum and was breastfeeding so everyone blamed hormones. However, I have stopped breastfeeding for 7 months now, and even though dry eye got better, I still have it. Anytime I get slightly stressed or dehydrated, or the weather gets cold it gets worse. I was only 27 when this started, and I’m 29, otherwise healthy. Doctors have no idea how watching the eclipse could harm me. But I’m sure that’s the cause: if it was the breastfeeding then why doesn’t it go away 7 months after stopping, and why I wasn’t feeling anything for an entire month of breastfeeding and felt it like 5 minutes after I watched the eclipse? Not having a scientific answer while everyone ignores my pain makes me very sad. I found someone from searching fb posts who has the same problem after watching the solar eclipse with the same glasses and was never pregnant. My mom and my husband watched the eclipse with me with the same glasses and nothing happened to them.