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    Hello everyone, I'm also experiencing DED and i have no proper diagnosis for the lack of dry eye clinics here in the Philippines. I'm only using eye drops for relief. I'm only turning 18 this September 4 and it's kinda hard to me to not regret what i did. Been too addicted to using phone to read novels and comics making me have this condition and I'm really concerned about my self and my parents for we are just from a humble family and I'm sad to be a part of their burden even more. I just want to have a proper diagnosis but life is kinda hard here in the Philippines specially if you don't have a job or your to far away from the capital and no money to spend with for this condition.

    It's not that sever but it's worsening, I guess because the only thing I do is use eye drops that my doctor prescribe me with. I'm eating vegetables, not all the time, but every lunch because of our budget and I don't know if i could still make my eyes white again now that they are turning brown or yellow and there's just to many strain line or the red lines under my eyes or any where but much worse underneath.

    I'm hoping to get some advice or some treatments, i know i should still consult somee eye specialist but there is no one here in our province, bohol, to be exact, but maybe some home treatments will work.

    Thanks for listening guys to my rumblings and my foolishness and for not taking care of my own eyes even though it's important part of my life, i regret it but no turning back now so I'm making it a motivation instead.