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punctal plugs x

  • Boo
    started a topic New Member Intro

    New Member Intro

    I go by "Boo" on this forum.
    Turned 62 yesterday.
    I use prescription glasses for reading & computer,
    and another pair for distance/everything.
    Diagnosed with dry eyes about 5 years ago.
    Was using artificial tears constantly & had lacrimal plugs inserted...
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  • Punctual plugs: how to find the best fit?

    I recently got lower punctual plugs. One eye was great from the beginning with a Parasol plug. I had to swap the second plug for a cylinder one because my puncta in the left eye is facing the eye. It does not work as well and I am paranoid it will migrate somewhere.

    I would rather have...
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  • Severe dry eye following conjunctivitis

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here but the forum has helped me so much already, unfortunately not with my eyes but with my will to keep up hope.

    I always had perfectly normal eyes, no problems. One year ago, I got a bad viral flu which spread to my eyes - viral conjunctivitis. I didn't...
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  • My experience with debilitating dry eye post LASIK (and how it is six years later)

    About six years ago, I had LASIK for the first time. I had really bad vision (about -5.00) and contact lenses were too uncomfortable to wear. It's not that I refused to wear glasses... it's that I felt utterly useless when waking up, going swimming, looking for my glasses, etc. I didn't want to be so...
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  • Got depression, anxiety, headaches and floaters from DES. What should I do from here?

    Hi everyone. I've recently been diagnosed with dry eye syndrome, my symptoms are severe enough that I've been unable to work or study until I get better. I'd like to see if anyone here has been through the same thing as me, and I'd also like to ask for advice on what I should do now.

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  • nori2015
    started a topic DRY EYE VETERNS!!! Advice please

    DRY EYE VETERNS!!! Advice please

    I had lasik 6 years ago - zero issues. I had a PRK top up 9 months ago - lots of issues!

    I have read older stories by Prattstar, Jovver, Hangus etc and I see that they went through a really terrible time. And they seem to be much much better now. They seemed to also have a lot worse of...
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  • Dry Eye Triumph over Lagophthalmos and non-obvious MGD

    • Presentation: Young male, contact lens wearer, experiencing two years of dry eye symptoms including eyelid inflammation, stinging, eye dryness, blurriness
    • Diagnosis: Dry eyes due to non-obvious MGD, which in turn is caused primarily by exposure of eyes and eyelid due to daytime
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  • Temporary punctal cautery almost a huge success!

    Hi folks,

    Went to my ophthalmologist a week ago and told them I wanted to try punctal plugs. They said they only do cauterization and that they could give me a "temporary" cauterization same day. Doc said puncta would open back up within a month.

    Here's how it...
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  • Punctal Plugs making my MGD worse?

    So I've been quadra-plugged for over 2 weeks now. I've experienced improvement in moisture in my eyes and have even had a little excess from time to time. The issue that I'm having right now is my eyes seem to squeegee out some excess moisture that collects in the creases of my eyelids. This stuff is...
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  • 4 Plugs - gunky around the eyes.

    I had marginal success with collagen plugs in the lower punctas and extended duration in the upper punctas. I then had the lowers plugged with silicone plugs and noticed a bit more improvement but nothing huge. My eye doc. then suggested putting silicone plugs in all 4 puncta. This has been a very strange...
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  • patientpatrick
    started a topic Punctal Cautery - Inflammation?

    Punctal Cautery - Inflammation?

    So I talked about punctal cautery with one of my eye doctors and he's very opposed to it. He stated that by burning sensitive tissue on the eyelids it could cause a cascading effect of inflammation that could make people suffering from eyelid disorders such as MGD even worse off then before. I know...
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  • patientpatrick
    started a topic 4 plugs so far no tears

    4 plugs so far no tears

    So I went to have a temporary plugs put in today. I had all 4 ducts plugged so I thought I was going to be overflowing. So far I had not been. In fact I placed eye drops in and noticed it went away after 1 min. Is this normal? How long did it take for any of you to experience help after plugs?
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  • patientpatrick
    started a topic MGD and punctal plugs?

    MGD and punctal plugs?

    I have MGD and Aqueous Deficiency. I'm considering punctal plugs but I've heard arguments saying that punctal plugs make MGD worse and some saying that it would help me. What do you all think? Any professionals care to give their 2 cents.

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  • Thinking about Punctal Plugs....

    Hey everyone. First off Merry Christmas to all of you. It's been over a year post lasik for me and my eyes are still dry and painful. I'm going to a new eye doctor tomorrow afternoon and I'm strongly thinking of getting punctal plugs. I've read Rebecca's introduction to the plugs and there are a lot...
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  • DamagedEye
    started a topic Dry Eye and Other Problems

    Dry Eye and Other Problems

    I have had minor dry eye for several years now, compounded by four pinguecula lesions (two on each eye). September 2011 I made the decision to have surgery to remove the two pinguecula on my left eye, as they were particularly bothersome. It seems that pinguecula can make the eye feel dryer, and dry...
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