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Severe dry eye following conjunctivitis

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  • Severe dry eye following conjunctivitis

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here but the forum has helped me so much already, unfortunately not with my eyes but with my will to keep up hope.

    I always had perfectly normal eyes, no problems. One year ago, I got a bad viral flu which spread to my eyes - viral conjunctivitis. I didn't think anything of it and my doctor said it would be gone within 2 weeks.

    2 months later, I visited an ophthalmologist because my eyes were still veiny and didn't feel right. I was told I still had the virus and that my eyes were becoming dry.

    Fast forward one year, I have been diagnosed with severe dry eye, a non existent tear film, a TBUT of 0 and my schirmer test results were 2mm.

    For the degree of dryness, my eyes should definitely be completely bloodshot but they're just really inflamed and veiny in the evenings, suppose I shouldn't be complaining because I know they could be a lot worse than they are. However, the pain is really really unbearable. The pain subsides a little bit when I'm on a course of steroids.

    My opthomologist is convinced that the conjunctivitis damaged my conjunctiva and/or tear film and that I should heal over time, however, I'm doubtful. I haven't seen any improvements and my eyes are getting drastically worse. I've had punctual plugs inserted but they're not helping that much.

    This time last year I could cope with a 1-2 drops of artelac. Now, I use gels throughout the day, warm compresses, thick gel at night and take loads of fish oils. I can't bare the pain of it.

    I'm just wondering, has anyone seen improvements over time? are there any other things I could be doing to help this disease, or at least, stop it from getting worse? I'm 22 and if it continues to progress how it has already in the last year, I don't know if I will be able to cope with the pain.
    Also, has anyone else had an experience like this after a case of conjunctivitis, either bacterial or viral?

    I really would appreciate any help or advice.


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    Lucy, I sent you a private message with my story.

    I am, so, so very sorry you are going through this, Iím 25 and I understand your frustration! Itís unbelievable how dry eyes can alter your life and even worst how doctors really donít know how to fix it! Gosh with all this technology!
    My dry eyes are not due to conjunctivitis but maybe something in my story can help you.
    dont give up!

    Feel free to message me any time you want,



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      Hi dryeyeLC

      virus: I know noting about it. But good to collect all facts (if your glands are blocked, oil quality, source of inflammation etc) so you know available/effective treatments. if you have MGD, try to master compress - the trick is the constant heat and enough time etc.

      What helps me: keep learning/trying new things:

      thin the oil
      (bio, cold pressed) Flaxseed oil + GLA work better than omeag 3 alone and best is with food/salad x2/day
      (such combination help with inflammation and tear production too, according to my reseach - so should help you too)

      Pure HOCL lid cleanser, like Avenova or Ocusoft - we dont have it but I found the alternative. Many doctors in USA recommend it.
      It is effective for bacteria control which I dont have but it helped me free from watery, discharges. Very interesting topic.

      What are doctors recommendtions??

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        Thanks for getting back to me guys really appreciate it.

        iím going to start taking vitamins and hopefully theyíll help.

        its a weird case because my doctors cannot see any problems with my glands, they are unsure what is causing the tear film instability.

        i have tried warm compresses with little success, my eyes and eyelids and really sore and inflamed when iím Not on steroids, so warm compresses made the inflammation worse in my case.

        My doctor has insterted punctual plugs. Iím attending a corneal specialist in Dublin next month to see if there are underlying problems such as thyroid etc. in the meantime, iím Using lubricating drops and gels multiple times a day and thick gels at night. I also use steroids when the inflammation is particularly bad.

        Thanks again ain for the insights


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          dryeyeLC So sorry to hear you are going through this just know that you are not on your own. It sounds like you are doing the right things and as much as you can. Just wondering if you have looked into a connection with your skin. I have Rosacea and it definitely makes my eyes worse. I see you are going to a specialist in Dublin - are you based in Ireland?


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            dryirisheyes itís such a nuisance, just wish there was a more guaranteed solution.

            my opthomologist has done basic tests and enquiries and canít see any other links, shes convinced itís either a persisting symptom from a strengthy virus or else something autoimmune maybe..... I have a non-existent tear film but she doesnít think itís from MGD, she canít see any problems with my glands or any signs of blepharitis. I went to another opthomologist who basically confirmed what she said.

            Yes I am Irish, I presume you are too from your name! Iíve been to a lot of opthomologists who canít find the exact trigger for it so theyíve referred me to the Northbrook Eye Clinic, doctor there is meant to be a specialist for dry eye.

            Have you found any opthomologists that have been of good help?


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              dryeyeLC ill PM you.