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  • Good DryEye Clinics in India

    Hi All,

    Creating this post to find good clinics in India where one can go for a proper diagnosis and treatment.
    In my experience, Narayana Netralaya at Bangalore & L.V. Prasad Hyderabad are clinics who understand this disease to a good extent. I have had good experience with...
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  • Any good places that make sclerals in Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait?

    Living in Bahrain anyone know a good place for scleral lenses. If anyone could help, as I'm suffering badly with dry eyes post-lasik for about 8 years right now and it's progressing.
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  • How to reduce severe and recurrent inflammation in eyes?

    Hello everyone! I'm a young 23-year-old female with severe dry eyes. I am diagnosed with SLK (Superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis) and MDG. This all started 6 months ago in Feb. Since April, I have tried 5 IPLs, Lipiflow, restatsis, PRP drops (gave more inflammation), Plugs (increased inflammation),...
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  • Coop14
    started a topic Lacrisert Alternatives?

    Lacrisert Alternatives?

    Hi i am in Australia and have been using Lacrisert inserts successfully for almost 30 years. (Severe inflammation and dry eye due to primary Sjögren’s Syndrome). Production has currently ceased due to equipment failures and we have been told not to expect further supply until at least 1Q2022....
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  • Dry eye treatment in India

    Can you suggest which is the best place for dry eye treatment in India? How is Lvpei Hyderabad and how is Narayana Nethralaya Bangalore? Please share your experiences if anyone is from India. Thanks!
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  • dryeyeindia
    started a topic Meibomian gland dysfunction

    Meibomian gland dysfunction

    I have lipid layer thickness 23nm in one one eye and 27nn in another... Is it possible to increase LLT?
    Is there anyone who could improve their LLT from such a low level?
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  • How I Found Relief In My Severe Dry Eye Symptoms

    Thanks for accepting me into this wonderful forum!

    I was wanting to share with you my experience with severe dry eyes, MGD, blepharitis, and mucus fishing syndrome. I lived with these symptoms for 5 years, but with dedication, and consistency, found everyday relief. It wasn't until about...
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  • DryEyeHelp1985!
    started a poll Tea Tree Oil Poll

    Tea Tree Oil Poll

    A Lot
    A Moderate Amount
    A Little
    Not At All
    I Haven't Tried It
    Has washing your lids with some formulation of tea tree oil helped your eyes....
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  • Aster
    started a topic Area Above Cornea is Uneven

    Area Above Cornea is Uneven

    So the area above my Cornea is uneven. Like if I were to shine a light at it from an angle, you can see horizontal lines and it kinda looks wrinkled.

    I'm thinking this might be SLK (Superior Limbic Keratoconjunctivitis) or some form of CCH (Conjunctivochalasis).

    The area above...
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  • Aster
    started a topic 1 Month In, I need some help

    1 Month In, I need some help

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a 19 year old male who, about a month ago, got dry eyes and foreign body sensation that never went away.

    I've been to around 5 eye doctors (2 Optometrists and 3 Ophthalmologists).

    So essentially, one night I just rubbed my eyes and then I instantly...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic First fitting next week

    First fitting next week

    So after trialing punctual plugs and IPL. But cannot get ipl again until covid is under control. I bit the bullet and went somewhere else felt like my eyes were worse than usual, low tbut. No scarring. Thankfully! Was given sample drops and a prescription for the same ingredient allergy drop I already...
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic On steroid for allergies

    On steroid for allergies

    It's been another long while since I last posted. I did IPL last year to just have 7 seconds again, which is better than when I started. I've just kept up with omega eye fish oil, optimel, warm compress now and again and ketofall (ketoifien). I've been at university but it hasnt gone well and I'm due...
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  • Nick1989
    started a topic Sudden problems with eyes

    Sudden problems with eyes


    I found this forum in search of a solution to my eye problems. I have searched endlessly on google to find a solution. now i'm trying in here hoping someone has experienced something similar and found a solution or diagnosis.
    I have had problems with my eyes for 5
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  • epicjinx
    started a topic Attending uni

    Attending uni

    Hi all, been a while. I finished a 3month job, no word from othamology about other options. Then as quick as a flash ended up in clearing for uni, things arent too bad. Eyes are still a bit dry. Last time I checked I was 7 seconds, which is so much better than where I started. I can see tiny bits of...
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  • shar_63
    started a topic Help! Advice sought.

    Help! Advice sought.

    My doc recently prescribed Xiidra. I know it can cause some initial irritation and takes a few weeks to show a good effect, but I am having the issue I often have with irritating drops of deep conjunctival hemorrhages beneath my pinguecula on each eye. This has happened in the past, for instance, if...
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