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How I Found Relief In My Severe Dry Eye Symptoms

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  • How I Found Relief In My Severe Dry Eye Symptoms

    Thanks for accepting me into this wonderful forum!

    I was wanting to share with you my experience with severe dry eyes, MGD, blepharitis, and mucus fishing syndrome. I lived with these symptoms for 5 years, but with dedication, and consistency, found everyday relief. It wasn't until about 8 months ago that I really started to treat my symptoms. I followed a consistent eyelid hygiene routine, an anti-inflammatory diet with various supplements, preservative-free eye drops, changes to my environment, prescription eye drops, IPL, you name it.

    To stay consistent I developed a daily checklist that hit my symptoms from all angles. I also adjusted my environment for dry eyes, took Lotemax drops and did 4 sessions of IPL.

    This disease is absolutely awful, and I know how hard it can be to develop a consistent routine, and find relief in your symptoms. I created a website dedicated to helping others, and I hope it can help some people on here develop a dry eye routine for relief. My website has a free step-by-step program, and free challenges to help you stay consistent and motivated. I think it is important for others to hear from someone who has personally struggled from severe dry eyes that there is hope in finding everyday comfort.

    My website is

    I hope this website can help some others like me find relief! Good luck on your dry eye journey!